What went wrong?

19 02 2008

I’ve been trying to get my blood sugar down just a hair, closer to a 115-120 average, instead of 125-130.  I tried some different things.

  1. I lowered my “target” blood sugar to 95 instead of 100.  This has worked out pretty well so far.
  2. I “pre-bolused” (bolus ~20 min before eating) for lunch, since my lunch times are very, very predictable and my lunch post-prandials were a touch high.  This works most of the time, when I remember to do it.
  3. I increased my evening basal from .80 to .85 (since my bedtime blood sugars were often a touch high).  This produced semi-decent results, so I moved on to step 3.
  4. I increased all of daytime basal to .85.  This resulted in disastrous lows before meals.  I got super cranky and it was general unpleasant.  So, scratch that plan.  Back to .80.
  5. I changed my insulin/carb ratio from 1:10 to 1:9.5.  (Side note, my morning I:C ratio is already 9.5, so I just changed the rest of the day.)  This shouldn’t make a huge different, right?  RIGHT?!?!?  Not so!  I spent almost all of yesterday low.  I was fine right before lunch, but after that, my highest was 115.  Twice in the 40s.  I consumed no less than 50g carb of Starburst, ice cream, and yogurt-covered raisins to keep my blood sugar from bottoming out.  So, scratch that plan.

What the heck went wrong?  I had no idea that such small changes would result in drastic lows.  Now I feel very discouraged that I’m going to be stuck with an average of 127, which is not really good enough.  Especially if I want to have kids some day.  Do I just have to deal with numbers in the 40s in order to get my average down to 115?




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