20 02 2008

As you may know, I’ve been trying to pre-bolus at lunch to get my lunch post-prandials down. Today, like any other, I did just that.

11:38 or so: Test blood sugar. 89. Great! Bolus for 44g carbs for frozen dinner thing and a yogurt. Plan to wait around 15 minutes before fixing lunch.

11:48: Post about finishing a fantastic knit sweater.

11:51: Begin working on post about cupcakes and wombs.

12:05: Post about a tasty goleem.

12:08: Begin freaking out because it’s been 1/2 hour since I’ve bolused and I haven’t eaten yet.

12:12: Scarf down both lunch and Starbursts in an attempt to bring self back up from a stupidity-induced low.





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