Pick one

27 02 2008

After being frustrated with eating less food to try to lose some weight, I ended up falling off that plan.  Now, I eat what I want and feel satisfied.  And somehow, as a weird side effect, my blood sugars have gotten better.  I did tweak my I:C a touch, but that can’t account for everything.  I’ve had long stretches of time where I just hang out at 80-120.  Post-prandials are fantastic, I’m not starving all the time, things are great from a blood sugar front.

However, I’m not losing weight anymore.  I gained back what I had lost and now I’m steady at 132 again.  It seems like I’m going to have to choose between good blood sugar and weight loss.  I’m sure I’ll be able to do both someday, but that day is not right now.

Which is worse in the long run?  Higher blood sugars or higher weight?




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