27 03 2008

I’ve seen this around the Diabetes OC, so here’s six 6-word memoirs.

  1. For GiR:   Smart, sexy, nerd seeks same.  Done.
  2. For my diabetes:  Diabetes will not stop me now.
  3. For my family:  Thanks for everything.  You guys rock.
  4. For my friends:  Whirlwind of games, food, and fun.
  5. For myself (humorous):  OCD? No, just very, very organized.
  6. For myself (sentimental):  Seize the day.  Today and always.

Let’s check that again…

27 03 2008

I had a half day of work yesterday, so I went to eat lunch with GiR.  Penn Station… yum… Anyway, I thought I had bolused pretty correctly since they have nutrition information available online.  No such luck.  A nice high of 277 post-prandial.  I lace in my correction and go on my way.  An hour later, before I run to my doctor appointment, I test again to make sure my correction was working fine.  327.   WHAT!?!?!  No way.  There is no way that my correction didn’t take.  I nearly entered another correction, but decided against it.  I squirted a little antibacterial stuff on my fingers and tested again.  158.  *phew*  Now that’s a little more reasonable.  Good thing I didn’t correct for that 327… ><

Back from hiding

26 03 2008

Well, I haven’t actually been hiding. I’ve been stuck in work-mandated training that has no access to the internet. Ewwwww…. I’ve got a couple days break, so I’m catching up on all sorts of internet goodness, including writing this post. =)

I’ve made a few more tweaks with Lucy and my blood sugars have been fantastic! We’re talking like nearly completely normal numbers fantastic. I had a couple days where either I was sick or I had to SWAG a lot, but other than that, I’ve been averaging around 120. Sweet.

  • I added in a short higher basal section in the early morning to combat a small dawn phenomenon
  • Upped my insulin: carb ratios again. 1:8.5 for breakfast and 1:9 for the rest of the day
  • Upped my overnight basal rate from .60 to .70

Now I can wake up around 75, have post-prandials in the 130-140 range, be 85 or so before meals and go to bed at 100. Now, a small note about waking up at 75. That may seem low to some people, but I am trying to prep myself for having kids someday. 75 is not the end of the world.

I have also come to the realization that I desperately need to lose 10-15 pounds.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it really hit me a couple days ago.  I’m going to continue to work on reducing snacks or having lower-calorie snacks, but the big thing this time is exercise.

GiR and I have worked out a decent outline for exercise goals for me.  We’re going to focus on running since that’s quick, easy, and GiR likes to do it too.  =)  My long-term goal is to be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes by June 30th.   Shorter-term goals include 1 mile in 10 minutes by April 30th and 2 miles in 20 minutes by May 30th.

Then, the weekly plan includes a point system.  30 minutes is worth 1 point (15 min is 1/2 point, 1 hour is 2 points, etc), and I have to earn at least 5 points in the week to get bonus points.  Additionally, I have to exercise at least 5 days during the week to get the bonus points too.  For example, if I only do 15 minutes one day, that counts towards the number of days, but I will have to do 45 minutes another day to get back the missed points.

Every once in a while I cash in my points for various stuff, like a video game, yarn, or discount on a larger item.  It’s not quite a 1-1 point-dollar ratio, but close.  Like, 7 points might get me a 5 dollar item.  This system has worked well for me in the past as a way to keep myself motivated to exercise.

I’m hoping that by June 30th, I will be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes and that I will also be closer to my goal weight.  In my dream fantasy land, I will get down to 120, but I have the feeling I will end up at 125, which is fine.  I’m just getting sick of seeing 132 or higher on my stupid scale.

Knit pancreas and other organs

15 03 2008

In Kerri’s last post, she pointed to a FreshMD blog post that showed off a knitted digestive system. Kerri also said that she’d like to see a knit pancreas (of course). Well, as it happens, I have actually previously done just that.


Awwww….. isn’t it so cuuute? Also, I hear it’s about life-sized.

Additionally, I have knit the gallbladder from the same digestive system pattern for a friend who got his gallbladder removed (and also likes to knit). He got a huge kick out of it.


Despite the same size image, the gallbladder is actually much smaller than the pancreas. It too is life-sized.

The FreshMD post also showed off a picture of a knitted womb. I’ve also made one of those for my friend KC who has Turner syndrome. You can find just a bit more information at this post on my craft blog.


And finally, to round out the knitted organs, I have also knit a fairly anatomically correct heart for my friend MB. He noted that I seem to knit organs for people whose own are either missing or broken. As such, he requested a heart…


You can check out my craft blog for more knitting, crochet, or other tidbits. I do have to say that knitting organs is probably one of the silliest craft things I’ve done. =)

Tentative solution

4 03 2008

After Jeff‘s comment that he uses a sport armband, I was reminded that I, in fact, actually own one as well.  So, I decided to test it out.

Here is me in a dress that is vaguely similar in style to the one I will be wearing at the wedding.  The one for the wedding is more flow-y past the knees, and the sheer overlay thing is over the whole dress and not just a little strip thing.  Also, it is a fantastic blue instead of this ugly pink that clashes with my pale, pale skin.

pink dress

Now, here is where you can see where I stashed Lucy.  She is right below my knee, a little to the back.  This armband is not the most 100% comfortable thing, but it will do for a one hour wedding service and resulting reception.  Also, I will not be wearing those silly socks.  It just happened to be what I had on.  =)  (Note, the left sock is actually a knee sock as well, it’s just pushed down)

Lucy incognito

I am pretty sure I can rig things so that there will be no alarms during the ceremony.  It will just take some advance planning on my part.  Thanks all, for your tips and tricks.  I will probably have to give an update once the dress actually comes in around April or so.

And now you have all seen my legs on the internet.  Ugh.

Leg Thing and other questions

4 03 2008

I will be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in August and have recently been fitted for the dress that I will be wearing.  My first thought, of course, is where is Lucy going to go?

For the fitting, I tucked her in my bra, which works out fine.  However, that’s not really a good place if I need to access her during the reception or *gasp* during the ceremony.  (more about that later)

I’ve talked to my mom and some relatives, and we think that a Leg Thing is going to be the way to go.  However, the picture leaves a lot to be desired.  Is it Velcro?  How does the Velcro work?  How far out will Lucy stick (she’s a Cozmo, so she’s pretty thick)?  The pic is of a guy, but I’m a chick with thinner legs, how will that work out?  Also, it seems kinda pricey, so I wonder if I could make my own.

Anyone with a Leg Thing care to offer tips, suggestions, details, pics, anything?!?!  I know I’ve got some time, but I’d like to get it figured out sooner rather than later.

As I mentioned earlier, I am also concerned about what to do if Lucy has a fit during the ceremony.  It seems there is always something going on.  2-hour after alarm, site change alarm, low reservoir alarm, change battery alarm, take pills alarm (although that one will not happen during the ceremony).  I’m afraid to turn off the various alarms because I don’t want something to happen and not catch it.  I also don’t want to disconnect because it’s going to be a Catholic ceremony that will last at least an hour.  That’s just too long for my tastes if I can avoid it.

I’m hoping a Leg Thing will allow me to more easily check Lucy (hence why the bra idea wouldn’t work), but I’m still afraid that I’ll look stupid.  Not to mention if I need to test or treat a low or whatever.

What’s funny, though, is that I managed my own wedding just fine.  Of course, I was on MDI then, so Lucy interruptions were not an issue.  Also, we had a short ceremony, so I wasn’t as concerned about lows and such.

Anyway, any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!