Leg Thing and other questions

4 03 2008

I will be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in August and have recently been fitted for the dress that I will be wearing.  My first thought, of course, is where is Lucy going to go?

For the fitting, I tucked her in my bra, which works out fine.  However, that’s not really a good place if I need to access her during the reception or *gasp* during the ceremony.  (more about that later)

I’ve talked to my mom and some relatives, and we think that a Leg Thing is going to be the way to go.  However, the picture leaves a lot to be desired.  Is it Velcro?  How does the Velcro work?  How far out will Lucy stick (she’s a Cozmo, so she’s pretty thick)?  The pic is of a guy, but I’m a chick with thinner legs, how will that work out?  Also, it seems kinda pricey, so I wonder if I could make my own.

Anyone with a Leg Thing care to offer tips, suggestions, details, pics, anything?!?!  I know I’ve got some time, but I’d like to get it figured out sooner rather than later.

As I mentioned earlier, I am also concerned about what to do if Lucy has a fit during the ceremony.  It seems there is always something going on.  2-hour after alarm, site change alarm, low reservoir alarm, change battery alarm, take pills alarm (although that one will not happen during the ceremony).  I’m afraid to turn off the various alarms because I don’t want something to happen and not catch it.  I also don’t want to disconnect because it’s going to be a Catholic ceremony that will last at least an hour.  That’s just too long for my tastes if I can avoid it.

I’m hoping a Leg Thing will allow me to more easily check Lucy (hence why the bra idea wouldn’t work), but I’m still afraid that I’ll look stupid.  Not to mention if I need to test or treat a low or whatever.

What’s funny, though, is that I managed my own wedding just fine.  Of course, I was on MDI then, so Lucy interruptions were not an issue.  Also, we had a short ceremony, so I wasn’t as concerned about lows and such.

Anyway, any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!




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4 03 2008

Here’s an step by step to make your own “leg thing” http://www.instructables.com/id/Insulin-Pump-Garter/

As for the alarms, perhaps putting the pump on vibrate for the day so it will only be noticeable to you and not the entire group of people at the wedding. Then you can easily be notified, but in a more discreet way.

4 03 2008

Instructables is blocked at work, but I will tell you that it can’t be a garter or anything that goes on the thigh. It’s a fairly fitted dress through the thighs, and I have largish thighs (thanks Mom!), so thighs are right out.

I do assume that I will put it on vibrate. Thanks for reminding me. I typically avoid vibrate, though, because it goes through batteries faster.

4 03 2008

I have the MiniMed leg thing – and it is velcro with elastic in the band so it makes a tight fit on your leg. Then there is a little pouch that you slide the pump into that has a little velcro closure on top.
Put it as high as comfortable because you will feel less like it is about to slide down your leg in the middle of the ceremony. Practice beforehand about where is the most comfortable place for the pump pouch – I wear it on the inner thigh so it is less noticeable but in certain dresses it probably wouldn’t be too noticable on the outer thigh either.
Definitely vibrate mode.

Recently I have actually preferred Spanx or similar bike short type material. Double purpose of flattening the tummy and a place for the pump to snuggly reside. I have a remote so I can bolus that way. Not sure how the details of that maneuver would work for you.

4 03 2008

I’ve used the Thigh Thing (though not the leg thing) – the elastickiness of the band and the velcro for keeping it closed are pretty good. If you’re wearing a longer skirt, though, you probably want something easier to access in a pinch like the Leg Thing.
I too use a Cozmo and have had it go off at times when it’s inconvenient. On the upside, though, if it’s not on my belt I’m not very likely to hear it (I have the alarm set to lowest volume). This may be mostly only true in the winter when I’m in multi-layered clothing that muffles it, but it may not be audible to those a few feet away if it’s set low enough. It might be worth experimenting with.
Best of luck!


4 03 2008

No remote with the Cozmo (which does make me slightly sad), so I can’t do a Spanx/bike short thing.

I’m guessing the Thigh Thing is made very similarly to the Leg Thing, so I guess if the Thigh Thing works okay, then the Leg Thing will work okay too.

If I have it on vibrate, I don’t think I’ll have trouble missing an alarm. I wonder if the Leg Thing will dampen the vibrations, though…

4 03 2008

I would think having it in your bra would be easier. When I was my cousin’s bridesmaid, I had it resting in a strapless sports bra and it didn’t alarm at all – you’ll obviously want to have a full reservoir and a new battery in there to prevent any unneeded troubles. When I would go to bolus, I would just turn away from the crowd so no one could see me digging into my shirt and when I was done, I’d just turn around. If you had it in a leg holster, you’d have to hike up your skirt in front of everyone, bend over… which I’d think would be much more noticeable in a ceremony. It would probably be fine during the reception since you’ll be sitting at a dinner table. Just my initial reactions… I also agree that the vibrate would probably be the safest bet for the alarms though hopefully you won’t have any. But I actually have never seen this leg holster. I hated the thing holster from Minimed, but this might work for a more formal occasion.

4 03 2008

Hi Amalas.

Last Friday I wrote a short piece on GDAT!! that included pictures of my jogger’s iPod arm holster. I strap it to my ankle before going out to “dressy” events, and use it to store the relatively cumbersome glucose gels and tablet tubes that I don’t want in my pants pockets.

It is made of flexible, stretchy, wet-suit material, and could easily hold a pump. I think it cost around 6 or 7 dollars at one of the sports equipment stores, so it’s a less expensive option than the Leg Thing. The flap closes with velcro, so it will make that “ripping” sound if you need to access Lucy during the ceremony.

Specifically, it’s made by Sportline, and it’s called “GO Walking.” I would recommend trying one on in the store first just to see if you’ll be able to feel any VIBRATE alarms through the wet-suit material. Good luck!

4 03 2008

Ooooh… it just occurred to me that I think I have a sport armband thingy that I bought for running/walking with Lucy. I haven’t used it in a long time (stupid winter plus laziness), so I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder, Jeff. I think mine has a zip top, so not quite as annoying as Velcro, but of course, not silent either. I will have to go check mine out when I get home and see if it would work on my leg.

Allison, you do have a point about bending over to check Lucy vs just turning away. Somehow, I’m still just a little nervous about reaching down my dress when I’m in front of everyone. Granted, I’m sure no one will be looking at me anyway since my friend should be the center of attention. Oh, and like you said, reception will be no big deal. Not worried about that.

4 03 2008

How short is your dress? Could you wear trouser socks instead of hose and slip it into that?

4 03 2008

It’s a floor length dress, so I considered socks. However, I have the sinking feeling that we’re going to have shoes that make socks and hose impossible (i.e. have a toe separator like flip flops). I don’t know this for a fact, but those are the type of shoes my friend likes. I will have to wait and see on that one.

23 07 2010

For my daughter when she’d be dressed up for the prom, homecoming dances and needed some place to store her pump; I made a “pocket” on the inside/bottom of the lining of the dress (can also do this to a slip). Easy access if needed. But, sense it’s not close to the skin you may not feel a vibration of the pump.

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