Tentative solution

4 03 2008

After Jeff‘s comment that he uses a sport armband, I was reminded that I, in fact, actually own one as well.  So, I decided to test it out.

Here is me in a dress that is vaguely similar in style to the one I will be wearing at the wedding.  The one for the wedding is more flow-y past the knees, and the sheer overlay thing is over the whole dress and not just a little strip thing.  Also, it is a fantastic blue instead of this ugly pink that clashes with my pale, pale skin.

pink dress

Now, here is where you can see where I stashed Lucy.  She is right below my knee, a little to the back.  This armband is not the most 100% comfortable thing, but it will do for a one hour wedding service and resulting reception.  Also, I will not be wearing those silly socks.  It just happened to be what I had on.  =)  (Note, the left sock is actually a knee sock as well, it’s just pushed down)

Lucy incognito

I am pretty sure I can rig things so that there will be no alarms during the ceremony.  It will just take some advance planning on my part.  Thanks all, for your tips and tricks.  I will probably have to give an update once the dress actually comes in around April or so.

And now you have all seen my legs on the internet.  Ugh.




One response

7 03 2008

Hi Amalas. I’m glad you had one of these stashed away somewhere. Even if it doesn’t work out for you, at least you didn’t have to spend any money to try it.

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