Knit pancreas and other organs

15 03 2008

In Kerri’s last post, she pointed to a FreshMD blog post that showed off a knitted digestive system. Kerri also said that she’d like to see a knit pancreas (of course). Well, as it happens, I have actually previously done just that.


Awwww….. isn’t it so cuuute? Also, I hear it’s about life-sized.

Additionally, I have knit the gallbladder from the same digestive system pattern for a friend who got his gallbladder removed (and also likes to knit). He got a huge kick out of it.


Despite the same size image, the gallbladder is actually much smaller than the pancreas. It too is life-sized.

The FreshMD post also showed off a picture of a knitted womb. I’ve also made one of those for my friend KC who has Turner syndrome. You can find just a bit more information at this post on my craft blog.


And finally, to round out the knitted organs, I have also knit a fairly anatomically correct heart for my friend MB. He noted that I seem to knit organs for people whose own are either missing or broken. As such, he requested a heart…


You can check out my craft blog for more knitting, crochet, or other tidbits. I do have to say that knitting organs is probably one of the silliest craft things I’ve done. =)




12 responses

15 03 2008
Minnesota Nice

Amalas – I was wondering if you’d seen Kerri’s post. The organs are wild. I am currently somewhat bored with knitting and may have to try something of a similar nature.

15 03 2008

Yes, I had seen Kerri’s post. That’s what inspired/reminded me to post these. =)

16 03 2008

I just love the organs. They are most silly and wonderful, and I’m feeling a bit inspired. A good friend of mine had a kidney transplant last year and I think I’m going to knit her up a spare kidney to keep the new one company. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

16 03 2008

Wow! I had no idea that there could be more anatomical knitters out there! Your projects are very nicely done. Nice colour choices. I would have had an easier time in Gross Anatomy lab had the organs been so vivid and distinct.

17 03 2008

Wow, you’re an amazing knitter. Luv the pics!

29 11 2008

How did you knit the heart? I would love to that.

17 02 2009

I’ve been looking all over the place for a heart pattern. Any chance you’d share yours with us?

17 02 2009
Paula Fitzgibbons

I would LOVE the heart pattern if you have it. My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with all things medical and anatomical and this would be great for her.

17 02 2009

It was based a lot on this pattern, but I did a lot of winging it. =) I used Google image search to find some good pics of real hearts to compare it to. Good luck!

7 10 2010

Do you sell or can let me rent your knit heart ? ,, I have to use in my project,, But i cant knit ,, I just use it for taking a photo

14 10 2010
Gall Knit Kit « I Heart Guts

[…] knit gallbladder from a girl who knit all the team members of the digestive […]

1 02 2011

OMG! Where can I get the gall bladder pattern??

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