27 03 2008

I’ve seen this around the Diabetes OC, so here’s six 6-word memoirs.

  1. For GiR:   Smart, sexy, nerd seeks same.  Done.
  2. For my diabetes:  Diabetes will not stop me now.
  3. For my family:  Thanks for everything.  You guys rock.
  4. For my friends:  Whirlwind of games, food, and fun.
  5. For myself (humorous):  OCD? No, just very, very organized.
  6. For myself (sentimental):  Seize the day.  Today and always.



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27 03 2008

Hey – thanks for checking out my blog! I kind of use a sliding scale for returning my pump back to normal when I finish running. If I only have a quick 30 minute recovery run I’ll normally put my pump back to 100% like 10 minutes after finishing my run but the longer the run the longer I’ll keep my basal rate reduced. For a 2 hour run, I’ll turn my basal rate down to about 70% for an hour and 1/2 post run, for a 1 hour run, I’ll have it down to 80% for an hour. There is alot of trial and error involved in it but a good starting point is keeping your pump down 75% for a 1/2 hour after a run and seeing how your bs reacts – that way it shouldn’t get too out of line either way.

1 04 2008
Minnesota Nice

Amalas, I just put up some pics of what I made with the sussy Malabrigo.

1 04 2008
Minnesota Nice

A – actually, I added just a small bit of Manos de Uruguay yarn from my stash that matched really well – it was knitted from the point up, so the odd bit went along the last three rows of the long edge and looks like it belonged there.

What was a wonderful surprise was that there were no tails in the pattern, but when I blocked it I just pulled and tugged and suddenly got this very graceful curve that I love love love – looked nothing like the stuffy triangle it was before.

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