Let’s check that again…

27 03 2008

I had a half day of work yesterday, so I went to eat lunch with GiR.  Penn Station… yum… Anyway, I thought I had bolused pretty correctly since they have nutrition information available online.  No such luck.  A nice high of 277 post-prandial.  I lace in my correction and go on my way.  An hour later, before I run to my doctor appointment, I test again to make sure my correction was working fine.  327.   WHAT!?!?!  No way.  There is no way that my correction didn’t take.  I nearly entered another correction, but decided against it.  I squirted a little antibacterial stuff on my fingers and tested again.  158.  *phew*  Now that’s a little more reasonable.  Good thing I didn’t correct for that 327… ><




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