Control. Maybe a little too much…

3 04 2008

Well, I’ve gotten my 30 day average down to 120.  Hurray!  Other averages I check (21, 14, 7, and 3) all look great too!  I am fully looking forward to around a 5.6 or 5.7 at my next endo appt on April 15th.

Side note: Yes, I’m seeing a real endo.  I finally made an appointment with the best Type 1 endo in the area.  I just hope he’s good.

However, this lower average comes with a cost.  More frequent lows.  About one every other day.  Lame.

GiR threw a fit during my last low and said that I should do more basal testing.  Well, yeah, perhaps.  I’m just trying to get better control, and with better control comes more lows.  I’m also exercising more (more about that in a separate post), which is bringing my insulin requirements down.  I’m still figuring everything out.  For now, I’ve set my target blood sugar back to 95.  Hopefully that will help slightly.

I do miss the times when I wasn’t scarfing down Starburst every 15 minutes.  However, I certainly don’t miss those 200s.  They can kiss my ass.




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