How do you do it?

3 04 2008

Exercise, that is.

I’ve been trying really hard to exercise nearly every day.  Unfortunately, it’s really hard to be motivated.  To me at least, exercise is like a huge undertaking.  It just takes forever.

  1. Test blood sugar
  2. Set temp rate
  3. Get off my ass
  4. Change out of work clothes
  5. Change into exercise clothes
  6. Rig up Lucy on my armband
  7. Grab Starburst, inhaler. (and cell phone if GiR doesn’t come with)
  8. Put on gloves and headband (it’s still chilly around here)
  9. Actually run
  10. Collapse and drink tons of water
  11. Check blood sugar
  12. Strip and get Lucy situated back to normal
  13. Shower
  14. Change into lounging/bedtime clothes

Yeesh.  14 steps.  And that doesn’t even include if I have to treat lows or do extra stretching or anything.   It takes me like over an hour to do a 30 min exercise.  That just seems like so much time to invest in something that actually doesn’t take that long.  I know this is what’s best for me, but how do I make the process better?

P.S.  I managed to run a whole mile without stopping to walk yesterday.  Took me 12 minutes, but hey, I gotta start somewhere.




One response

3 04 2008

Congratulations on getting through a whole mile without a walking break. That’s easier said than done.

My exercise routine involves biking, and I know exactly what you’re talking about, Amalas. In addition to getting myself ready, I also have to make sure that my road bike is not going to give me problems on the ride.

No question, it’s time consuming.

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