Endo appt and new A1c

16 04 2008

I had my appointment with my new endo yesterday. The Diabetes Center at that hospital is supposed to be the best one in the area, so I figured I’d be in good hands.

The initial receptionist was nice, but I was still subjected to Unexpected Meter Rape. She also wanted me to disconnect from my pump and hand it over. Um, no thank you. I was not about to reach in my pants and disconnect from my hip right there in the lobby. I told her I had printed some reports, and that seemed good enough.

I got blood taken for the quick 6-minute A1c test, then waited for the endo. He brought in the results: 5.6% Just as I expected. =) However, he showed a chart of the readings they pulled from my meter and wow, that was a lot of red. Too many lows. The endo did not seem impressed with my A1c and instead said “yikes, we’ve got a lot of work to do”. *sigh* I felt rather defeated.

After looking at my pump programming, we decided that my basal was too high. He helped me tweak my rates so hopefully I will still have good control with fewer lows. He also insisted that I do a couple basal tests, which I hate oh so much. Wish me luck!

Regarding meds, he took me off the Benicar (it’s like lisinopril or Altace). My blood pressure is good and I’m a touch young to worry about it. Also, he said that I can’t be on it while I’m pregnant (which I plan on happening in a couple years), so we might as well just not bother.

As I mentioned in my last post, he wrote me a script for Glucagon. I’ve never used it before, but it’s just another good tool to have in my arsenal.

We touched briefly on looking into Dexcom, which I may bring up again in December. I really want to get it, but I know GiR is a little hesitant about the cost.  We also touched briefly on Symlin, but I’m not really interested at this point.

And finally, he wrote me a script for Freestyle Lite strips! I’ve had the meter for awhile, but never bothered to actually switch over. I think I will like it a bit better than my Flash. It’s always fun to have new diabetes toys. =)

As a result of this appt, I’ve got a bunch more set up: one in a month to meet with an nurse educator lady, one in August to meet with a pump lady, then another in December with the endo. The one in December will be a group session to meet with other Type 1s in the area. That should be neat. =)

Oh! Another interesting tidbit is that apparently NPH is available without a prescription. I didn’t know that. The endo mentioned it as a decent back-up system in case the pump fails. I guess I learn something new all the time!




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16 04 2008

Just to let you know that my doctor recently prescribed glucagon emergrency kit for me. The first time I used it I was fine. The second time I had to use it however about 20 minutes after the injection I started to feel sick. I barley made it home before I threw up. So since i thought I was sick might be coming down the flu I took a nap. When I woke up my sugar levels were back into the low 40s and i wasn’t feeling right so I went to the emergency room. Spent almost 5 hours there while they monitored me and gave me juice and food which I really didnt want after being sick. Come to find out thru my own research and reading that some people who used the glucagon kit will have the tendency to get sick. No one of my doctors or even people in the er informed me of this. Just wanted to let you know if that should happen to you. The book I got this information from was theThe Diabetes Problem Solver by Nancy Touchette, PhD. It say ” after you have been giving glucagon you are likely to vomit, so helper should keep your head elevated above your stomach.You should respond to the glucagon with in 5 to 20 minutes. Once you are awake enought to chew and swallow drink a clear fluid such as ginger ale or 7 up. this should settle you stomach. Then try try to eat a substantial snack such as bread and peanut butter or half a cheese sandwich. Wish i had know bout eating something after the injection I might not have gone back into the low 40s again and spent most of the emerency room. What a way to spend a friday night.

17 04 2008

That A1c is awesome, and you should NOT feel disappointed.
I hope the basal testing goes well (I hate doing them too!), and that you have fewer lows afterwards.

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