Raising my voice (a little late)

16 04 2008

I really wish I could have posted on Monday, but I have just been way too busy. Training for work, seemingly endless appointments, housework to do, etc. I may have missed the official date, but every day is a good day to educate someone about Type 1 diabetes.

Last Saturday, I got a quick haircut and managed to tell my stylist a little bit about how people get Type 1 diabetes. She seemed honestly interested, and I hope she files away that information for future use.

Yesterday at my endo appointment (which I will blog about later), someone else waiting in the office asked how I like my pump. Oh, I like it very much. =) She asked if it dispensed insulin automatically if you went high, which unfortunately isn’t the case. I grinned, though, and said it might be possible someday. Hopefully that tidbit of information will help her with a possible pump decision in the future.

Soon, I will be educating GiR on how to use Glucagon. I’ve never had it around before, but now that my blood sugar tends toward low rather than high, it’s a good thing to know how to use. The more my husband knows, the more he can share that knowledge with others.

We never stop having Type 1 diabetes, so we should never stop educating ourselves and others about it.




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