Not fair

23 04 2008

I am getting soooo frustrated.  I’ve been exercising nearly every day for the last month and I have lost a grand total of…. 1-2 pounds.  I’ve seriously cut down my food intake.  I’ve cut down my insulin intake (both because of less food and better basals).  And what do I have to show for it?  Absolutely nothing.

GiR, on the other hand, eats whatever the heck he wants, barely exercises (well, he exercises with me, but I know it’s not as intense as he is used to) and he stays very trim.

I feel like it’s such a waste.  If I’m working my ass off and have nothing to show for it, then what’s the point?  It’s just not fair.




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23 04 2008

Hi Amalas,

Fat loss is a pain at the best of times, but as I am sure you know, it is harder for women and definitely harder for type 1 diabetics.

Not impossible, but definitely harder.

I don’t know what your general level of fitness is, but:

if it’s low – build up your aerobic endurance
if it’s not bad – introduce some HIIT – high intensity interval training
if it’s pretty good – aerobic endrance show become aerobic performance, do more hiit, use edt (see charles staley) or some other form of interval resistance training
if it’s great – then it’s the diet

Your diet is going to be more complicated than non-diabetics, but the same ground rules will apply – eat natural foods – fruit, veg, protein, mono oils, fatty fish, nuts, seeds…

best of luck

23 04 2008

Also, exercising everyday isn’t good for your body. You should take a day or two off in between heavy workouts to let your muscles heal. Maybe just go for a two mile walk or something on those days. You’ll perform better on the days that you actually DO work out because you had time to rest. Hope this helps!

23 04 2008

DR hit one thing on the head: My current level of fitness is Low, so we’ve been working on aerobic endurance.

As I said, it’s not every day; it’s about 5 out of 7 days. I do have to laugh at the comment “maybe just got for a two mile walk or something on those days” (meaning the off days). To me, a two mile walk IS my exercise. I cringe to think of the intensity required for a normal workout that would make a 2 mile walk a piece of cake…

23 04 2008

I know how you are feeling, Personally I have not lost much weight since I started my vigorous exercis routing a few months ago, but my goal was not really to loose weight, it was too not gain any when I quit smoking, so I guess one of the missions was accomplished.

Just stick with it and dont give up, the more you build up your endurance and keep trying the better you will do.

We are all rooting for ya! 😀

❤ Lev

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