F*** you, blood sugar. F*** you.

1 05 2008

Sunday night, before dinner.  212 for no reason.  And I have been fighting highs ever since.  I have had a 140-160% temp rate going for the past 3 1/2 days with only moderate results.  150% percent for THREE DAYS.  And I haven’t had any lows, so clearly my body needs this extra insulin.  But WHY?!?!  I’m not on my period, I’m not sick, I’ve done site changes, insulin changes, everything.  My 7 day average is whopping 133.  WTF people?  Why can’t I get my blood sugar down?  So much for that 5.6% A1c I had a few weeks ago.  I can kiss that number goodbye.




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1 05 2008

Your pancreas may be making less and less insulin as you’ve had diabetes longer. It may be time to test and re-work basal patterns.

You’ll eventually get to a point too, where an occasional 200-250 is expected and doesn’t phase you. And that’s ok, as long as your overall control is good.

Sorry it’s been so frustrating these last few days.

1 05 2008
Dino S

Breathe my dear, it’sjust diabetes.

This will happen, nobody is judging you. Every year, my T1 diabetes gets harder and harder to figure out. The formula for control keeps changing, and the unexplicable becomes expected. My blood sugar will rise for no reason, or I’ll go through times where it seems that my insulin just doesn’t work.

I know….F*** you F***ing blood sugar. F*** you too One Touch Ultra.

133 average 7 day average…ahem…you’ll be fine. Like Christine said, just re-work the basal pattern.

Happy Sugars!

1 05 2008

I know 133 seems fine, but to me, it’s not good enough. I’m getting to the point where I am starting to think about having kids, so I absolutely must get my blood sugar in range.

I am planning on doing another full change today (new cartridge, new tubing, new site), so maybe that will help. I do also have to wonder about absorption issues since I use my hips instead of stomach/thigh.

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