Another pump sighting

5 05 2008

I was walking from the parking garage to work and I noticed that the woman walking in front of me had a pump clearly visible on her right hip.  One would almost mistake it for a cell phone, but that pesky tubing gave it away.  I wish I had the time to stop and say hi.  It’s always fun to meet new people who are diabetics.  The instant bond is great.

Speaking of which, I’ve neglected to mention that one of the people on my new team at work is also diabetic!  He’s not sure what sort of diabetes he has (he’s kind of in that confused land of LADA/1.5/Type 2 progressing to needing insulin…), but he does have a pump.  Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to talk much about diabetes stuff yet, but it’s always great to know that I have people to count on if I need sugar or a test strip or something.




One response

5 05 2008
Allison Blass

I was walking into Penn Station in NYC a couple weeks ago and saw a woman with a Minimed pump. Was just clipped to her pocket, like you do. It was so cool. I wanted to go up to her and say hi, but I thought that would be weird.

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