New Lucy case

8 05 2008

After ripping out the magnets in my last case, I had a functional Velcro-based solution for toting Lucy around on my pants.  However, 10 months later, the Velcro finally gave out.  Well, it wasn’t really the Velcro that gave out, it was the lining fabric where I had cut so I could get the magnets out.  It was fraying and loose, plus the Velcro wasn’t as sticky anymore.  Lucy would occasionally fall out in my bed overnight, or threaten to slip out simply when walking around.  As such, it was time for a new case.

This is just a regular old cell phone case from Target.  No Velcro, no magnets, just some elastic on the sides.  Lucy is very secure and the case is very sturdy.  I hope Lucy feels better in her new clothes.  =)




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