Testing out the Keynote

8 05 2008

Yesterday, I received my “assessment package” from Agamatrix to try out the Keynote.  I switched around my pouches so that I could carry both the Keynote and my Flash around to compare the values.

First test before dinner:  Flash = 72, Keynote = 92

To me, this is a fairly dangerous situation.  72 would be a low that I would need to treat, but a 92 is normal and doesn’t need to be treated.

Further tests throughout the evening and this morning have shown that the Keynote pulls up numbers that are “closer to center”, as GiR put it.  This makes sense considering the Keynote’s claim that is has a lower margin of error.  As such, it would be reasonable to say that my Flash would produce more extreme values, while the Keynote would produce more consistent values.

HOWEVER!  There is one small bug/feature that makes the Keynote not worth switching to:  You have to get the full amount of blood on the strip at one time.  If it starts sucking your blood and you don’t get enough the first time, you just wasted a strip.  I HATE THIS SOOOO MUCH!  This is why I love my Flash.  If you don’t get enough blood, it’s okay.  You have a small window of time to finish filling the test strip.

I will continue using the Keynote for awhile because half a day is hardly enough to fuss about just yet.  GiR suggested that maybe I use the Keynote to calibrate my Dexcom, since the Keynote is more likely to be accurate.  We’ll see.




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