Baking with Splenda

13 05 2008

I’ve been looking for more ways to incorporate Splenda into my baking.  I’ve mostly avoided it because it generally produces less than spectacular results.  In fact, for my baking final last semester, I did a comparison of Splenda muffins vs. sugar muffins.  The sugar muffins won on pretty much every count.  =(

I came across a little lemon cake recipe yesterday and decided it would be good to try out with Splenda.  You can check out some of the details on my baking blog.

The biggest complaint GiR has was that it tastes like Splenda, which is very disappointing because Splenda is supposed to have little to no aftertaste.  Also, I assumed that the lemon would counteract the aftertaste, but maybe it just made it worse.  As a baker, the biggest complaint I have is that it didn’t rise as well as expected.  The Splenda makes for a very short, dense cake.

All in all, it was a very tasty recipe (especially with the fresh strawberries), so I would definitely recommend trying it out.




One response

22 05 2008

try stevia. it’s natural and supposedly doesn’t have that icky after taste!

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