Meme time

20 05 2008

Once you’ve been tagged, you write a post with 10 weird, random facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 6 new victims to be tagged, list their names, and why you tagged them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying (‘You’re It!’) and to go read your blog. (I am totally skipping the tagging part because it is entirely unnecessary).

  1. I would love to learn to play the cello.  Yo-Yo Ma is my hero.
  2. I would like to visit Poland.  My mom’s entire side of the family is Polish, so it will always have a soft spot in my heart.
  3. I cannot STAND peppermint, in any forms.  I also do not like most other flavors of mint.  This makes it very hard to find a toothpaste that I can tolerate.  I also cannot kiss GiR after he’s had a mind.  Nasty….
  4. I have eaten the exact same breakfast nearly every day for at least a year.  It’s very predictable.  One frozen waffle (blueberry is preferred) with a little butter and sugar-free syrup.  16-18g carbs, depending on the brand of waffle.
  5. I save all the cans of soda I drink at work (one in the morning and one at lunch) so that I can recycle them.  I don’t have many decorations in my cube, but my soda can wall is definitely the most prominent.  Currently I have nearly 80 cans stacked up (10 cans wide, 4 cans deep, 2 cans tall) ready to recycle.
  6. GiR and I have pretty much picked out the names that we would give our kids when/if we have them.  We probably spend way too much time talking about it.  =)
  7. I have always dreamed of opening my own bakery/pastry shop.  It would specialize in foods for people with dietary restrictions:  sugar-free, low-carb, no aspartame, no MSG, lactose-free, no fried potatoes, no food dyes, gluten-free, no coconut, no nuts, etc.  Tasty food should be available to all people, no matter their “restrictions.”
  8. I always spell the past tense of the word “cancel” as “cancelled.”  My spell checkers consistently tell me that it is incorrect and it should be “canceled.”  I’m sorry, but “canceled” just doesn’t look right.  “Cancelled” is an acceptable spelling anyway, so I’m going to continue to spell it that way.
  9. For the most part, I refuse to talk in “IM speak.”  I use full spelling, mostly correct grammar, and very few abbreviations.  bc srsly, do u get wut I’m sayin?
  10. I would love to live in a city that has reasonable temperatures.  I don’t like snow and I don’t like heat.  Just something in the middle would be nice.  And not too much rain or gray skies.  As far as I know, a place like this doesn’t exist, but hey, I can dream, right?



4 responses

20 05 2008
Allison Blass

Actually, for #10 I would say San Francisco. It doesn’t get snow, and it never get that hot because it’s by the water. I think it rains a lot during the winter, but I don’t think the winters last all that long… there is the fog, but I think it depends on where you live and what time of year it is. Not that I’m saying it’s perfect or that you have to move there, but out of all the cities I know about, that’s probably the most even-tempered of them. Portland is pretty close – hardly any snow at all, and it doesn’t get extremely hot (and when it does, it’s only for a few days). But our rainy season is very long. Then there’s weeks where there is no rain at all, but if you hate the rain, Portland is not for you.

20 05 2008
Laura Williams

If I had any baking skill at all, I’d be with you in opening a bakery. It is so hard to find ‘specialty’ baked goods. I’m also very unfond of mint – but i found that most of the other flavored toothpastes are pretty hideous. The orange flavored one i tried made me feel i was brushing my teeth with orange pop!

Doesn’t seem so weird to me 😀

21 05 2008

Go live in Quito, Ecuador. Sun, around 70 degrees F, and a short sprinkly rain every afternoon, 365 day a year. Evenings are sweater weather, which is cozy. Rainy season is just a hard rain in the afternoon, but you still get sun for the other half of the day.

29 05 2009

Everyone wants to live in a place with diffrent weather from were they grew up. Don’t know enough people that blog to tag. My friends hate the fact, I also refuse to use IM speak, so when I text message, it will be in full sentences, with puncation, and all. Still cannot spell very well, text message or no text message.

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