Proper introduction

4 06 2008

I know I’ve mentioned it already, but I am hooked up to a fancy Dexcom CGMS. It’s been almost a week and I loooooove it so much. The data is just fantastic and I can’t imagine being without it ever again. Anyway, I apologize for the crappy picture (GiR is not one for taking good photos), but I would like to introduce you all to Charlie!

(Normally I have my devices more to the outside of my hips, but my pajama pants do not have a sturdy waistband, so they tend to slide towards the middle.)

As a side note, Charlie is female. She also has a slight identity crisis as part of her is on my stomach (sensor and transmitter) and part of her is on my hip (receiver).

Having Charlie around is a very interesting experience. At times, I feel like I am totally consumed by diabetes data. Am I high? Am I low? Do I have enough insulin on board? Time to check Lucy. Time to check Charlie. Time to coordinate everything with my regular meter.  It can be very overwhelming.

Then there are the times when my fears and worries are calmed by the beautiful flat line on Charlie’s screen.  I got totally excited when I successfully combo-bolused for Mexican food at a party.  I am relieved when I see consistent blood sugars overnight.  I have prevented highs.  I have prevented lows.  I can go an entire day without being out of range (70-180).

I may feel like a techno-dork who carries around tons of electronics on her belt, but I wouldn’t give up my 2 girls for anything.




One response

4 06 2008

Well, nice to meet you Charlie!! I love my CGMS, too. What a relief it has been!! I have been in almost perfect range the entire time I have had mine, as well. Absolutely amazing! I can’t imagine life without it…the security, the knowledge it provides, the absolutely awesome graphs!!

Congrats to you!

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