I’m sorry, Lucy

5 07 2008

I should have paid more attention.

Click to see bigger.

That water you see on the screen is actually on the inside.  If you need to take a break and cry, I’ll wait.

I was very excited to finally go to a pool on the 4th of July with all my gear.  I packed my all-plastic clip for Lucy so I could wear her underwater.  I had to leave Charlie at the table, but it would only be for 1/2 hour or so.  I swam, I played, I had fun.  I got out of the pool and Lucy was VERY unhappy.

There was water all inside the screen, she said there was blockage detected, she was beeping like there was no tomorrow.  I thought I had done everything right.  What I didn’t see before I jumped in the pool was that little tiny crack above the o in Cozmo.

I disconnected and called Smiths Medical.  They’re shipping me a new pump, but since it was Friday (and a holiday), the soonest I would get my replacement is Monday.  *sigh*

Luckily, I still have Charlie to keep an eye on my blood sugar.  The data I get from her is almost more valuable than the freedom I get from the pump.  I know given the choice, some people will choose their CGMS over the pump.

I didn’t have any Lantus on me since I was out and about.  But I did have a syringe and a vial of Humalog.  GiR and I quickly ran to Walgreens before the pharmacy closed and grabbed another box of syringes (because reusing syringes hurts).  I managed doing “basal” injections every 2 hours until I got home.  Doing 1.5 units in a syringe is HARD, let me tell you.  But, with Charlie, my numbers looked great all evening.

I took my first shot of Lantus in over a year last night.  I went with a straight conversion of what I usually take as basal in Humalog.  As in, my Humalog basal comes to about 15 units, so that’s what I took of Lantus.  It might not be enough, but better to run a touch high than low.

I’ve still got some Humalog pens, so I’m using that for meals and corrections.  So far, it’s been manageable, but I miss the granularity (.35 units? not with a pen or a syringe!) and the IOB.  But, it’s only for a few days.  Then on Monday, I will get to meet Lucy 3.0.




2 responses

5 07 2008

Oh that totally stinks! The crack you pointed out as being the culprit isn’t. I’m pretty sure that slit over the o in Cozmo has always been there because mine has the exact same mark. I hope Lucy 3.0 gets to you early on Monday!

6 07 2008

Saw your post. It’s probably too late, but you can always call the territory rep in your area for Cozmo. They typically have an extra demo that they could loan you for a few days. Hopefully this won’t happen again, but if it does, make sure you have the rep’s number. You can get it from your Dr. or the Cozmo help line. Good luck! Hope the lantus treated you well!

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