Back in business

8 07 2008

My new pump (Lucy 3.0) arrived yesterday and I hooked it up right away.  Luckily, I had downloaded my settings to my computer recently, so I was able to pull those up and program Lucy very easily.  Since I still had Lantus in my system, I set a 10% temp rate (the lowest it goes without being 0) and just used Lucy for meal/correction boluses.

In the comments from my previous post, Jillian said that she had a slit in the same spot as I did.  This concerns me because Lucy 3.0 does not have this slit.  As such, I don’t think it is a design element, and I’m pretty sure it makes the pump not waterproof.  I wonder if other people have the same thing, or if we just happened to crack our pumps in exactly the same place.  It does seem like a likely stress point that is easily cracked.

Another random interesting thing is that the touch bolus button on Lucy 3.0 looks very different.  The new button is much bigger and has a white circle on it (instead of being just black).  I find it interesting that they would just randomly introduce a new design element without really mentioning it anywhere.  Of course, Dexcom now has the Open Choice System, and that’s not reflected on their website at all…

Anyway, Lucy and I have been reunited and my blood sugars are once again more predictable and under control.




One response

8 07 2008

You’re right! It is not supposed to be there. After a closer look I can see that the crack on mine is not as clean cut as I originally thought. I guess my pump will never go swimming. I’m glad you have Lucy 3.0 on your d management team again!

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