In my sleep

28 07 2008

It happened with Lucy and now it happens with Charlie:  I am capable of turning off my alarms in my sleep.

With Lucy, I was able to go through the history logs and see that I confirmed an alert, even though I don’t remember waking up and doing it.  However, with Charlie, there are no history logs regarding which button you pressed and when.

I’m not that concerned about low alerts because even if I manage to sleep through the initial vibrate alert, there are follow-up beeps.  Or, if I snooze the initial alert, there is the built-in 55 mg/dl automatic alert that I believe cannot be snoozed.

However, I am disappointed with the high alert.  It will vibrate when you go above your set level, which is fine.  But, after you snooze/cancel that little vibrate, IT DOES NOT NOTIFY YOU AGAIN.  So, let’s take a little example which may or may not have happened last night.  😉

Let’s say I went to bed with an excellent blood sugar and a stable trend.  Then let’s say I woke up to go the bathroom at 3am and find that I am 292 for NO GOOD REASON.  How come Charlie didn’t wake me up?  Because I managed to hit the stupid “c” button in my sleep.  I had been above 250 for a good 3 hours and I didn’t even know it.  Laaaame.

There are some happy points to this story, though.  No ketones and I was able to correct/super-correct down to a normal blood sugar by morning.  And I have to think of the alternative.  In a life before Charlie, I wouldn’t have found out about the super high until before breakfast.  A full 4 hours later than when I actually discovered it.  That’s 4 more hours I can live with a reasonable blood sugar.  Thanks Charlie.




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