Things I would like to see

30 07 2008

As I use all this diabetes technology, I can see a number of things that I think need improvement.


  • A secondary high alert.  I see 2 options with this:
  1. One alarm could be set at 160, then another one at 220 (just for example).  So you would get notified when you went high, then notified again if you went really high.
  2. One alarm set at 160 (for example).  But then, if you stayed above 160 for an extended period (user-configurable), it would notify you again.
  • Different ranges for day/night.  I hung out at 130 all night last night.  This isn’t high enough to trigger my high alert, but it’s not really acceptable for overnight.  I could manually set my ranges before I go to bed and when I wake up, but that’s a waste of time.


  • Super bolus option.  I am currently doing a workaround which involves taking the basal-as-bolus via the “fill cannula” method.  As far as I can tell, the insulin given that way is not calculated anywhere in my daily totals.  Given that they can do combo boluses, super boluses aren’t really that different.

I would think that these things could be easily implemented with some software updates.  They’re small changes, but would make a big impact on my overall quality of life.  Got any other ideas?




One response

30 07 2008

I love both your ideas. Believe me I need both for each item. Also would love the alarm to go off again in maybe 2 hours if it is still above said number.

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