Tucked away

12 08 2008

Here’s where all of my devices were tucked away.

  1. CGMS sensor. This was the only thing you could see. I could not figure out a better way to wear this, and I’m pretty sure no one noticed. The photographer was really great about making sure my left arm was facing away from the camera.
  2. Lucy. She was clipped to my bra. Normally she doesn’t really work there because I’m pretty small, but the style of the dress lent itself to hiding her pretty well.
  3. Tubing. I tried to run this down the side seam as well as I could.
  4. Infusion site. This was on my hip, right at the seam. You could only see if I pointed it out.
  5. Charlie. She was tucked away in a Leg Thing that I purchased. Those things are freaking awesome.
  6. Starburst. There was enough room in the Leg Thing for me to stash about 4 Starburst. Those came in handy.

Checking Charlie was pretty easy.  I just crossed my right leg over my left and pulled up my dress a touch.  No big deal at all.  Bolusing was a little trickier, but by eating time, no one was paying attention to me anyway, so I was able to reach down my dress without anyone caring.

For the ceremony, I turned off all the CGMS alarms and put Lucy on the lowest beep possible.  For pictures and the reception, I went ahead and turned the alerts back on.  They were very useful for when I went low while dancing!

Overall it was a fantastic day and I wish DP all the best.  =)




5 responses

12 08 2008
Scott K. Johnson


12 08 2008

I love the diagram. Very stealth! Good job.

12 08 2008

Ah!! You look so pretty.

15 08 2008
Bernard Farrell

Wow, excellent work. Without the diagram, none of this shows at all – good job.

18 08 2008
Bob Hawkinson

Nicely done……

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