Gimme a break

26 09 2008

For most of September, things were pretty normal.  Blood sugars were fine, no big problems one way or the other.  I went to work, went to class, hung out with friends, watched TV, the usual.

Then for some reason, in this past week, things went to hell.  I rode high for most of Monday and Tuesday, and I finally settled on a 160% basal rate to get things under control.  That’s pretty intense.

I’m not sure exactly what happened in my body to warrant that much insulin.  Probably a combination of stress due to massive meetings at work, pre-period insulin resistance, trying to heal some bruises from moving bookshelves, and fighting off a cold.  Any one of those things I can handle easily by itself.  But all 4 together makes for quite the control nightmare.

I finally got some decent sleep last night, and my cold seems to be going away, so I’m down to a 140% rate.  I may even lower it more as the weekend (and the fun) arrives.

It is weeks like this that make me really hate having diabetes.  No matter what, I cannot take a break.  Even if things are under control, life can take things on a random turn that throws things off course.  All I can do is adapt, deal with it, and keep a positive attitude.




One response

8 10 2008
Scott K. Johnson

That sucks. Especially when you can’t really figure out why it is happening!

I hope you’re back to better by now.

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