Diabetes terminology

27 10 2008

I am thinking of getting a medical tattoo, and I am wondering what the best text would be.  I am hesitant to put “type 1 diabetes” because I fear that they will rename it in the future (see: “juvenile diabetes”).  “Insulin-dependent diabetes” is more accurate, but longer.  “IDDM” is shorter, but more cryptic.  What do you think?


The nachos will not defeat me!

23 10 2008

I wish I could show you Charlie’s graph from last night.  It absolutely kicked ass!  I had these nachos with chicken for dinner and my blood sugar was AWESOME!!!

  • 81g carbs
  • 57g fat
  • combination bolus – 50% upfront, 50% over 2 hrs 30 min
  • starting BG: 70
  • peak BG:  118 or so (according to Charlie, actual number probably closer to 125)
  • bedtime BG:  90 or so (again, according to Charlie)


Small note:  I did some light exercise in the evening and ended up cancelling about .8 units of the extended portion to counteract that.

Diabetic, not disabled

22 10 2008

I work for a fairly large company, which has a union (I’m not a part of it).  The union’s contract is going to be up in April and there are very strong indicators that they are going to strike.  To prepare for this, they are training non-union people to cover the union jobs during the strike.  My strike assignment location is in Detroit.  In case you didn’t know, I live in St. Louis.  This is a problem.

I’m not sure what to do about it.  There are forms to get a medical waiver, but the items listed on the form don’t really apply to me.  Things like lifting, stooping, walking, standing, etc.  I can do all of those things.  (I’m assuming this form is for people w/ bum hips, neck problems, etc)  There’s nothing physically wrong with me.  And overall, I am not opposed to performing work during the strike.

However, I do know that being forced to work in Detroit is going to cause serious problems.  If something goes wrong, I’m 8+ hours away from my husband, my family, and my excellent medical team.  I’d be forced to go to an ER where my blood sugar will not be a priority.

Not to mention, that during the first few weeks, there is a mandatory 72-hour work week.  Yup, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.  Then after that, it gets lowered to 60 hours a week (10 hours a day, 6 days a week).  I will guarantee you that will fuck up my blood sugar.  Will I get lunch breaks?  Will I get dinner breaks?  Will I be able to test my blood sugar whenever I want?  Will I be able to get snacks when I need them?

Clearly, the assignment in Detroit will negatively affect me, but what can I do about it?  My A1c is 5.5, so from a medical perspective, I’m normal!  I shouldn’t need accommodating!

I know the Americans with Disabilities Act has been improved to better protect people with “invisible” diseases, but I’m not sure what other points I need to make.  This is a very tricky line between “disabled” and “normal.”

Questions about Animas pump

6 10 2008

I know at some point, I’ll need to replace Lucy.  I was poking around Animas’ website, and they have a GREAT demo of their pump.  I played with it a bit, trying to see how the things I do with Lucy would translate to the Animas.

One thing I noticed overall, is that there are WAY fewer customization options.  For example, when I want to do a meal bolus based on carbs, I can customize the scrolling amount (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15).  However, I didn’t see that option on the Animas.  There are a lot of other things I didn’t see, which kind of surprised me.

The major thing I found, though, is with the meal bolus itself.  I entered my carbs, entered my blood sugar, and it gave me a suggested amount (based on carbs, BS, IOB, etc).  HOWEVER, the amount to deliver defaults to ZERO, NOT the amount suggested.  In fact, the default button is the “Go” button.  If one were just to hit “OK” through all the prompts after entering your info, you would in fact deliver NO insulin for your meal.  This seems like a bad idea.  I would hate to take the time for every single bolus to scroll up to the suggested amount.  Is there a setting somewhere to change that?  I couldn’t seem to find it.

Relatedly, after you hit Go to deliver, it shows that your insulin is delivering and you hit any button to cancel.  Are you just supposed to sit there and wait for your bolus to finish delivering before touching anything else with your pump?  What happens if you accidentally press buttons?  All this seems like a sure recipe for accidental highs.

I am also frustrated with the interface for changing inuslin/carb ratios, correction factor, etc.  Each segment has its own screen, so it’s hard to see the big picture.

Anyway, I’m sure people who use the Animas all the time have a better idea of how to use their pump.  But for now, it looks like I’m sticking with my Cozmo.

This is why I don’t get any sleep

2 10 2008



Charlie: You are above 140.  You should correct.
Meter: 157.
Me: Yes, I should correct.  *fiddles with pump*



Charlie: You are above 140.  You should correct.
Meter: 110.
Me: STFU, Charlie.  *goes back to sleep*