IV-3000 SUCKS!

2 11 2008

I am having a pretty good time with the Dexcom sensors, but I can only get 7 days out of them before the adhesive peels off and I have to get rid of it.  I was looking for a way to increase the life of my sensors, so I bought some IV-3000.

I figured that if I put the IV-3000 down first (cutting a hole in it for the needle of course), then that would stick to my skin, then the sensor would stick to the IV-3000 and it wouldn’t peel off.  We had our first trial run today and it sucks monkey balls.

Not long after I put the IV-3000 down, I already saw it peeling off near the edges.  Then I took a shower and all hell broke loose.  The whole sides were coming off and I had to stick it down with some heavy duty medical tape (which I loathe to use because it’s really stiff) so I didn’t lose the sensor.

What went wrong?!?!?  I read all the instructions and I couldn’t really tell if it was something I did.  Am I not supposed to use IV Prep wipes in conjuction with the IV-3000?  Am I not supposed to get it soapy?  It says it’s waterproof, but that does not seem to be the case.  I thought this IV-3000 was the best adhesive money could buy, and now I feel duped.  What a waste of $50.




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2 11 2008
Lee Ann

I have good luck with IV3000, but it seems people have all kinds of different experiences and luck with all the various things we have to stick to our bodies. I use a MM CGM. I clean the site with plain alcohol swabs (per MM RN recommendation). I put the sensor in, attach the transmitter, and stick the IV3000 over the whole thing to hold it down since otherwise, the transmitter gets caught on everything. I wear my sensors for 6 days. I’m supposed to recharge the transmitter every 3 days, which would mean replacing the IV3000, but sometimes I get lazy and don’t recharge the transmitter until the 6 days is up. Most of the time, the IV3000 stays for the whole 6 days. Sometimes the edges will be starting to peel up, and there have been a few times when it gets messed up within fewer than 6 days, but most of the time it’s OK. Maybe use alcohol instead of IV-prep?

2 11 2008

Hmm… I have good luck with IV3000 as well. Not on sensor sites (I wish) but on infusion sites. I don’t use IVPrep (allergic) or any other prep since I am usually fresh out of the shower.

The IV3000 tends to stick better to skin than to itself. What if you only used one over your site – like Lee Ann suggests – and not under. The only time I experience peeling is when I have two IV3000 on each other.

Keep us posted!

2 11 2008

I use Tegaderm, but don’t cut any holes in it, doesn’t seem to affect the accuracy of it.I don’t have a problem with it peeling unless I do hardcore sweaty exercise.(which I try to avoid..ugh)

maybe Matisol would keep it on?

2 11 2008

i use alcohol, then IV-Prep, then IV-3000, never had a lift. i also use their Flexi-Fit with excellent results, doing it this same way. oh and i never cut a hole in it. the needles will go right through it.

3 11 2008
Sarah S.

I’ve had issues with the IV3000 in the past when using them with sites though I haven’t used them with sensors. I used to use two of them, one on the skin and one on top of the site with a hole cut for the hub. It tended to peel just as you describe, particularly in the summer where they would just slip right off like a banana peel.
I use Insets or Comfort Shorts now with Skin Prep instead of IV Prep (same manufacturer, just more adhesive in Skinprep than IVprep). I’ve had good luck with SkinTac-H but it gives me a rash.
Good luck – let us know how it goes!


3 11 2008
Bernard Farrell

My last two sensors have lasted for 15 days each, so I’m now getting about 12 days out of a sensor.

Before putting them on, I straighten the sides that get folded in the package. I clean the site with an alcohol swab and let it dry. Then I put the sensor in place making sure that the top edge is as flat as possible. I tighten my stomach as much as I can and really push the adhesive against my skin. Then I insert the sensor and put the transmitter in place.

When I shower I keep one hand over the sensor at all times. Yes it makes for a less satisfying shower. Oh well. Immediately after I get out of the shower I dry the tape around the sensor with absorbent material (old t-shirt works fine). I press it dry a few times to get as much of the water out of it as I can.

With these steps I don’t get much peeling until about day 9 or 10.

Good luck in figuring out something that works for you.

30 12 2008
Sanjay Gupta

These tips are helpful

I got a System Seven for my son in Nov. The best I have got out of the sensors is 3 days and then they peel. We have done Skin Tak and Mastisol and are waiting on an order for Tegaderm to try that out as well. Its been a challenge since having read all the blogs – particularly Bernard’s – and some advice we got from users we thought that we could aim for 7 – 10 days which made the System 7 purchase affordable. Still hoping it works out.

The Dexcom customer support folks have been excellent and replaced the ones which did not last. However we are puzzled how the sensor seems to be holding up for 6 + days for most users and here we are seeing it falling off by day 3 or 4

14 01 2009
H Miller

Hi there,

The best resolution for the Dexcom adhesive is to purchase the STS Shower Covers that came with the original Dexcom CGM (the 3 day one that was not waterproof). The adhesive breaks down in water and is lucky to last for 7 days on me. The STS shower covers create a watertight seal around the sensor and thus do not expose the sensor adhesive to the water for breakdown. My sensors typically last at least 14 days and usually fail because of the sensor reagent wearing off (rather than the adhesive limiting the lifespan). I actually think that Dexcom has modified its adhesive in the last 2 years so that it does wear out in 7 days so that more people purchase their sensors.

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