Charlie’s first Christmas party

20 12 2008

Last year was Lucy’s first Christmas. She hung out in the back of a very strappy blue dress.  This year, though, I had two girls to keep track of.  Target to the rescue!


OMG, this dress is so awesome.  I wore it two other times before this party and it’s just great.  The shoes kick ass too.  And you can never go wrong with pearls.  (Ignore my hair, this was taken after the party ><)  I also wore a shawl for some of the night too.


However, here is the best part of the dress:


That’s right.  This dress has pockets.  FTW.  All I had to do was cut a little slit in the inside of each pocket so I could slip my tubing through.  I also added a little velcro to keep the slit shut.  I had absolutely zero trouble bolusing or checking Charlie or anything.

I totally can manage my diabetes and look fantastic at the same time.  =)


Our own language

12 12 2008

I have been with Lucy for a year and half now, and we have gotten to the point where we speak our own language.  I know what she is telling me before I even look at her.


Oh, my last blood sugar was high.  Thanks for reminding me to check again.


Oh, you’re done delivering my bolus.  Time to eat.


Oh, I am low on insulin.  Better pack a spare reservoir so I can refill at work.

To my husband and other people who hear my devices beep, those beeps mean nothing.  But to me, those beeps are a language all their own.  One only diabetics know.