Well, it works…

3 09 2009

In a never-ending quest for lower and more stable blood sugars, I’ve been making some tweaks.  However, looking at the data, I’m less sure I’m doing the “right thing.”

I’ve done overnight, morning, and afternoon basal tests (evening still eludes me), so I know those are good.  My insulin:carb ratios are such that I am taking quite a bit of insulin with meals.  Result:

  1. I rarely go above 200/220 after meals.  And if I do, I almost always come right back down.
  2. My basal % of TDD is 30-35%.  Very very low.
  3. Because of the reduced basal, I have to bolus for Every. Single. Piece of Food. I put in my mouth.  i.e. if I treat a low with 2 Starburst instead of 1, I have to bolus for that 2nd Starburst.

I’m getting a little concerned about #2.  Early recommendations are for basal % TDD to be around 50%.  Pumping Insulin also has recommendations for basal % TDD to be around 40%.  Additionally, some studies have shown that the people with the least variability have basal % TDDs of around 40%.  So, I’m not way off base, but 30%?  Really?

HOWEVER!  My last A1c was 5.9% with almost no lows and less time spent high.  My % in range has continued to go up, even as I am lowering my basal.  Should I be worried that I’m not following the “correct” recommendations even though the end results show it works?