Not all bad

23 11 2010

I know I’ve ragged on my new Animas pump a little bit (lack of site reminders and I:C ratios and noise), but since it’s Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d talk about a couple things I really like.

I would never have been able to wear this dress with my old pump.  It is skin tight (although stretchy) with no pockets and nowhere to clip anything.  I am not exactly the most well-endowed, so the thicker Cozmo was pretty obvious if I tried to hide it in my bra.

Not so with the Animas.  There is just no way you can see it.  I could even tell you where it was and you wouldn’t believe me.  I am so excited for the fact that I don’t have to worry about where to stick my pump when I go shopping.

The other part to the hiding-in-the-bra trick is the Ping remote.  I can just whip this thing out, bolus for lunch, and tuck it back in my purse.  No one even needs to know what it was for.  The Ping has a food database in it, so I can look up carb counts without having to haul around a separate Calorie King book.  If I used One Touch strips, this could also serve as my meter, but I {heart} my Freestyle Lite too much.  =P

So thanks to Lucille, I have increased freedom and flexibility, which will certainly come in handy this week.  😉


Ratios and rackets

15 11 2010

A couple quick things this week.

I’ve really been trying to tighten up my control, so I’ve been playing around with my lunch and dinner insulin-carb ratios.  I prefer to sit at 1:6.5, but that isn’t an option on the Animas.  I know that others, particularly those with insulin resistance, might appreciate having a few more options once you get below 1:10.

Another issue is that the pump is LOUD.  I use the combo bolus a lot and every 3 minutes I will be reminded of it.  ><  My work is relatively quiet and when I bolus for my Lean Cuisines, everyone in the office can hear it.  It’s great that the Animas is physically discreet, but I would love for it to be aurally discreet as well.

6 things for 6 years

9 11 2010

Happy D-blog Day!

To celebrate the 6th annual d-blog day, here are 6 things I think people should know about diabetes.

  1. Yes I can eat that! With the advent of insulin pumps and CGMS, there is no real reason I can’t eat whatever I want.  Not to mention that sugar-free stuff just plan tastes nasty.  If I’m going to eat the carbs anyway, it might as well be something delicious.
  2. Taking insulin is not “bad”. I do not have it “really bad” because I have to take insulin. My body simply doesn’t make insulin anymore, so I need to replace it manually.
  3. I’ve got it, but sometimes I need help. Most of the time, I am super aware of all the intricacies of what’s going on in diabetes-land.  I know that my blood sugar is going up, but it’s okay because I just ate and I know I bolused accurately, etc.  Or that I may be dropping, but that’s good because I was high before.  However! Sometimes I am low and I don’t know why and I need someone to cut me some slack and get me some Starburst.
  4. My CGMS is amazing. This thing catches everything.  It tells me when I’m high; it tells me when I’m low; it tells me when I’m going up or down too fast; it will remind me later if things haven’t improved.  Because of this device, I have kept my A1c at 6.2% or lower (below 6.0% is NORMAL) for 2 years.
  5. Diabetes is expensive. 4 endo visits, regular doctor, OB/GYN, eye doctor, dentist.  6 test strips per day x 365 days = over 2000 strips per year.  New infusion site, pump cartridge, and tubing every 3 days.  A CGMS sensor is $135 before insurance, which is only supposed to last 7 days.  The pump itself is over $6000.  I just started with new insurance, and next year I will EASILY hit the out of pocket maximum of $2500.  Probably by May.
  6. The D-OC is awesome. George, Kerri, Scott, Bernard, LeeAnn, and Allison are all household names.  You are all my friends.  And not qualified with “diabetes online friends”.  Just “friends”.  ❤

I’m back!

4 11 2010

Hey everyone in the D-OC! Loooong time no blog.  Last we spoke, I was busy living my IRL, and while that is still the case, it’s time for me to get back into diabetes-land.

I recently got involved with a local usability group and it has inspired me to apply that knowledge to my diabetes.  I plan on putting together a number of videos about my experiences with my various diabetes devices.  Below is the first, introducing my new insulin pump.  I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to being a part of the blogosphere again.

Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Animas or Dexcom in any way, shape or form. I am simply a user who would like to see some improvements.  All opinions expressed in this blog via text or video are mine and mine alone.