Not all bad

23 11 2010

I know I’ve ragged on my new Animas pump a little bit (lack of site reminders and I:C ratios and noise), but since it’s Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d talk about a couple things I really like.

I would never have been able to wear this dress with my old pump.  It is skin tight (although stretchy) with no pockets and nowhere to clip anything.  I am not exactly the most well-endowed, so the thicker Cozmo was pretty obvious if I tried to hide it in my bra.

Not so with the Animas.  There is just no way you can see it.  I could even tell you where it was and you wouldn’t believe me.  I am so excited for the fact that I don’t have to worry about where to stick my pump when I go shopping.

The other part to the hiding-in-the-bra trick is the Ping remote.  I can just whip this thing out, bolus for lunch, and tuck it back in my purse.  No one even needs to know what it was for.  The Ping has a food database in it, so I can look up carb counts without having to haul around a separate Calorie King book.  If I used One Touch strips, this could also serve as my meter, but I {heart} my Freestyle Lite too much.  =P

So thanks to Lucille, I have increased freedom and flexibility, which will certainly come in handy this week.  😉




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