If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

4 03 2011

A while back, I started doing some videos about the usability of my new Animas Ping insulin pump.  It was a lot of fun, but the holidays and some other personal things sort of put a hamper on that.

However, the real reason I started doing those videos was that I was preparing for a presentation at a local usability conference called STLUX.

My emphasis in college was Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), but I am not a usability professional.  I do not doing anything related to that in my daily job.  However, it has always been a curiosity of mine, and I try to keep up with that world.

I’d been meaning to get back into HCI and thought that STLUX would be a great way to stretch my wings.  The obvious choice was my insulin pump and similar medical devices.

Since I’m not a usability professional, I tried to keep my talk light and interesting.  I’m not the best speaker, but I did have a few people come up to me after the talk to discuss things further.  I had a lot of support from my colleagues and it was a great experience all around.

My session was not recorded, but I have posted my slide deck on Scribd.  The first 13 slides are as the viewer would see it, and the second 13 slides contains my speaking notes.  You can Ctrl+click to visit the hyperlinks at the end of the document.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

In addition to my presentation, I was also volunteered to be the photographer for STLUX.  I’ve posted a bunch of pictures on Flickr already and I think there will be more from the secondary photographers up soon.

STLUX 2011 Flickr

Thanks to everyone who provided assistance and I hope you guys learn a little bit about the challenges of designing user-oriented medical devices. Now, where is that glass of milk? =)