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6 11 2008


After being bounced around as to what process to follow, I finally called our disability services number regarding the strike situation.  The lady was really nice and took down all the information that I wanted.  I got a claim number and squeezed in an appointment with my endo at the last minute.

My endo does not seem worried about getting the accommodations that I request.  And he didn’t seem to agree with me that being in Detroit would be bad.  From his perspective, I handle everything pretty well and don’t really need to be close to them.  From my perspective, this makes me nervous.  Although, my endo did mention the name of an endo he knows in Detroit that’s pretty good, so at least I would have that.

I’m really scared about the whole situation and I hope it gets resolved to my satisfaction.  Things are in motion, so all I can do now is wait.


While I was at my endo’s office for the strike stuff, they also did an A1c.  I wasn’t really due for one, but I was curious since I’ve been on the Dexcom for a few months now.  It came back a disappointing 6.1%.  Now, I know that is still a great number, but it broke my sub-6 streak.  My endo thinks that this is a “better” A1c because with Charlie, I have fewer lows.  So my overall control is better (less swings), but it results in a slightly higher A1c.  I know I should be happy, but after a 5.5 just 2 months ago, I still feel like a failure.


There are a lot of things going on in my world right now (as somewhat indicated by the above 2 sections) and it’s getting really hard to manage.  Too much stuff, not enough support.  Too many unknowns and no good solutions.

My mom had/has depression, and diabetics are more likely to have depression, so I’ve got 2 things going against me.  I refuse to take medication, and I already see a therapist, so I’m not sure what else I can do to get out of this funk.  How do I, as a perfectionist, let things go and allow it to be okay?


Up and down

9 09 2008

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  There have been a lot of things that I’ve wanted to say, but just haven’t put the fingers to the keyboard.

  1. The sister of one of my coworkers died a few weeks ago.  The coworker has diabetes, and apparently so does his sister.  They say she died of complications of diabetes, so it was hard for me to hear that one of our own had passed away.
  2. I tried out the Apidra for a week and I have to say:  I HATED IT!  I was nothing but a rollercoaster all week.  My meal boluses were off, my corrections were off, everything was too wacky and unpredictable.  I switched back to my Humalog and I’ve had fantastic numbers since then.
  3. During that rollercoaster ride, I noticed my mood change drastically when my blood sugar was out of range.  I was cranky when I was low, and I felt like shit when I was high.  I only felt good when my blood sugar was between 90 and 120.  While I suppose this could be a good thing, it makes things very frustrating when I have an off day.
  4. Losing weight is still a struggle.  I tried doing low-cal for awhile, staying under a set number of calories per day, but that was really hard.  It seemed like it was nowhere near enough calories to keep me satisfied.  I felt hungry all throughout the day and ended up binging on crap and ruining the low-cal thing anyway.  I’ve also fallen off the exercise wagon now that it’s colder and I have class once a week.  It doesn’t seem like there’s enough time.  I wish I could come up with a plan that would work long-term.
  5. The pressure to have kids is stronger than ever.  Now that my A1c’s been good 3 times in a row, people take that as a sign that it’s time to have kids.  From my perspective, I’m content to simply continue having an awesome A1c, so I can have kids whenever I want.  Also, there’s an awkward thing going on with my work, and I won’t want to think about getting pregnant until next May-ish, but that doesn’t stop people from mentioning it ALL THE TIME.

It’s been great keeping up with all of you in the Diabetes OC.  Keep up the great posts!

Keep on keepin’ on

21 08 2008

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile, but things have been VERY busy around here.  There was DP’s wedding, then we hosted a giant birthday bash celebrating 4 of our friends birthdays.  It’s been a fun sort of busy, but still draining.

I had my “endo” appointment yesterday.  I put that in quotes because I didn’t actually see my endo, but a really nice CDE.  I had done a lot since my last visit:

  • stepped up exercise with Wii Fit
  • went off Benicar (blood pressure still looks fine, phew)
  • added a women’s multivitamin
  • added a low-dose aspirin regimen
  • got a Dexcom

I was a little worried that my A1c would go up since I had been preventing lows with Charlie (fewer lows means a higher average), but I came out with a 5.5%. Holy crap!  The CDE lady was really impressed with everything and said to just keep doing what I’m doing.  =)

I did mention that my backup supplies are just about expired, so she gave me a Levemir pen and a Humalog pen.  She also gave me a vial of Apidra to try.  That will be neat.

My goal for the rest of the year is to keep things under control, so I can get another sub-6% A1c in December.  Then, I will have had a whole year of “not having diabetes.”

5 years ago…

11 07 2008

My “official” diagnosis anniversary isn’t until tomorrow, but today was the day that I first tested on my grandpa’s meter and it said “HI.” 5 years ago today is the day that started the biggest change in my life.

Since my 4 year anniversary, I have come a long way. I’ve seen 2 A1c’s below 6 (5.9 in Dec and 5.6 in April).  I found a great endo/diabetes center.  I participated in the sussy circle and got to know other diabetes bloggers. I got my butt into gear and got a Wii Fit.  I hooked up to a Dexcom, which I affectionately named Charlie.

My next A1c is in August, and I hope that I will continue my streak of sub-6 results.  I also want to meet other Type 1 diabetics; it seems like it would be so awesome.  And someday, I hope to start a family.

Endo appt and new A1c

16 04 2008

I had my appointment with my new endo yesterday. The Diabetes Center at that hospital is supposed to be the best one in the area, so I figured I’d be in good hands.

The initial receptionist was nice, but I was still subjected to Unexpected Meter Rape. She also wanted me to disconnect from my pump and hand it over. Um, no thank you. I was not about to reach in my pants and disconnect from my hip right there in the lobby. I told her I had printed some reports, and that seemed good enough.

I got blood taken for the quick 6-minute A1c test, then waited for the endo. He brought in the results: 5.6% Just as I expected. =) However, he showed a chart of the readings they pulled from my meter and wow, that was a lot of red. Too many lows. The endo did not seem impressed with my A1c and instead said “yikes, we’ve got a lot of work to do”. *sigh* I felt rather defeated.

After looking at my pump programming, we decided that my basal was too high. He helped me tweak my rates so hopefully I will still have good control with fewer lows. He also insisted that I do a couple basal tests, which I hate oh so much. Wish me luck!

Regarding meds, he took me off the Benicar (it’s like lisinopril or Altace). My blood pressure is good and I’m a touch young to worry about it. Also, he said that I can’t be on it while I’m pregnant (which I plan on happening in a couple years), so we might as well just not bother.

As I mentioned in my last post, he wrote me a script for Glucagon. I’ve never used it before, but it’s just another good tool to have in my arsenal.

We touched briefly on looking into Dexcom, which I may bring up again in December. I really want to get it, but I know GiR is a little hesitant about the cost.  We also touched briefly on Symlin, but I’m not really interested at this point.

And finally, he wrote me a script for Freestyle Lite strips! I’ve had the meter for awhile, but never bothered to actually switch over. I think I will like it a bit better than my Flash. It’s always fun to have new diabetes toys. =)

As a result of this appt, I’ve got a bunch more set up: one in a month to meet with an nurse educator lady, one in August to meet with a pump lady, then another in December with the endo. The one in December will be a group session to meet with other Type 1s in the area. That should be neat. =)

Oh! Another interesting tidbit is that apparently NPH is available without a prescription. I didn’t know that. The endo mentioned it as a decent back-up system in case the pump fails. I guess I learn something new all the time!

Merry Christmas to me

20 12 2007


A1c update

26 09 2007

I got my results in the mail yesterday.  6.3  Only slightly lower than my last result of 6.4.  I’m on the way down, slowly but surely.