Charlie’s first Christmas party

20 12 2008

Last year was Lucy’s first Christmas. She hung out in the back of a very strappy blue dress.  This year, though, I had two girls to keep track of.  Target to the rescue!


OMG, this dress is so awesome.  I wore it two other times before this party and it’s just great.  The shoes kick ass too.  And you can never go wrong with pearls.  (Ignore my hair, this was taken after the party ><)  I also wore a shawl for some of the night too.


However, here is the best part of the dress:


That’s right.  This dress has pockets.  FTW.  All I had to do was cut a little slit in the inside of each pocket so I could slip my tubing through.  I also added a little velcro to keep the slit shut.  I had absolutely zero trouble bolusing or checking Charlie or anything.

I totally can manage my diabetes and look fantastic at the same time.  =)


Ball gowns and boluses

4 01 2008

Sorry this is so late, but the holidays absolutely killed my free time.

In early December, GiR’s work had a fancy Christmas party.  This way my first year with Lucy, so I wasn’t sure what to do.  I went through every single dress I owned to find one that could house Lucy without A) looking stupid or B) making it tricky to bolus.  Here’s what I ended up with:

blue dress back

blue dress side

Amusingly enough, this is my old prom dress!  I wore a backless/strapless bra and used a slightly different clip than I normally do.  I was able to slip Lucy out when I needed to bolus and snap her back in after.  I didn’t have to use Ryan’s help all the time and I didn’t have to reach into my bra or anything weird.

It was a multi-course meal, and I was sooooo glad I had Lucy this time around.  In the past, I just didn’t eat some of the courses because I didn’t want to bolus again.  Lucy makes this way easier.  =D

Also during the night, I found someone who was semi-recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  He told me all about how he wasn’t taking care of himself and was on a ton of pills and almost went on insulin, but decided to get into shape instead.  He lost a ton of weight and went from taking like 6 pills to only 2.  He talked about how he’s taking care of himself for the sake of his kids.  His success story completely brightened my evening and reaffirmed the fact that diabetics are some of the most awesome people out there!  =P  He was also fascinated by my pump and I hope I taught him a few things about Type 1 diabetes.

All in all, it was a great night with good blood sugars, new friends, and a kick-ass dress.