Another joins our ranks

9 11 2008

I wasn’t sure what to write about for D-blog day, but then I heard from my dad that there is another brand new diabetic in the world.

Her name is Katie (I’ll have to check on the spelling) and she’s my sister’s ice skating coach.  All I know so far is that her blood sugar was over 600 and went to the emergency room and had to stay overnight.

I imagine she will be contacting me soon and I will definitely be pointing her to the awesome Diabetes OC!  I know you all have helped me so much through the years, and I can’t wait to pass on all the wonderful wisdom.


Household names

25 11 2007

I love the OC.  You are like my extended group of friends.  I probably talk about you to GiR more than I talk about my in-person friends.  It’s getting to the point where you guys are household names.  For example:

We were snuggling in bed and my tubing got caught up in something.  Then GiR said, “This is probably why Kerri disconnects.”  I just had to laugh a little.   He knows exactly who Kerri is and he even know the right post to quote.

Other household names, aside from Kerri, include Bernard, Allison, and sometimes Amy and Wil.  I don’t even feel the need to preface their name with “this other diabetes blogger, so-and-so.”  To us, they are just more friends in our lives.

Not alone

9 11 2007

I am so glad that I found the Diabetes OC. For a long time, I was the only Type 1 diabetic around. When things are going rough (or great!), there wasn’t really anyone who I could relate to.

I had initially started my general blog, Yellow Wood, to cover various things like knitting, baking, diabetes, and general news/opinions. Then slowly, I found other D-bloggers: Kerri, Amy, Bernard, and Wil.

I ended up writing so much about diabetes, that I split the diabetes section off into the blog you see today, Plastic Pancreas. I have since found many other D-bloggers. They can be found in my Blogroll, in my Google Reader, and on Diabetes Daily. I check them all.

It is so great to ask each other for advice, empathize with others’ struggles, rejoice in others’ triumphs, and share the language of diabetes. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends.

D-blog day