Ratios and rackets

15 11 2010

A couple quick things this week.

I’ve really been trying to tighten up my control, so I’ve been playing around with my lunch and dinner insulin-carb ratios.  I prefer to sit at 1:6.5, but that isn’t an option on the Animas.  I know that others, particularly those with insulin resistance, might appreciate having a few more options once you get below 1:10.

Another issue is that the pump is LOUD.  I use the combo bolus a lot and every 3 minutes I will be reminded of it.  ><  My work is relatively quiet and when I bolus for my Lean Cuisines, everyone in the office can hear it.  It’s great that the Animas is physically discreet, but I would love for it to be aurally discreet as well.


5 years ago…

11 07 2008

My “official” diagnosis anniversary isn’t until tomorrow, but today was the day that I first tested on my grandpa’s meter and it said “HI.” 5 years ago today is the day that started the biggest change in my life.

Since my 4 year anniversary, I have come a long way. I’ve seen 2 A1c’s below 6 (5.9 in Dec and 5.6 in April).  I found a great endo/diabetes center.  I participated in the sussy circle and got to know other diabetes bloggers. I got my butt into gear and got a Wii Fit.  I hooked up to a Dexcom, which I affectionately named Charlie.

My next A1c is in August, and I hope that I will continue my streak of sub-6 results.  I also want to meet other Type 1 diabetics; it seems like it would be so awesome.  And someday, I hope to start a family.

Diabetes color palette

15 11 2007

I probably spend too much browsing COLOURlovers. It’s fun to see new palettes, cool names for different colors, and neat posts like this one for Halloween.

Using Caro’s post about the colors of diabetes, I made my own palette. (Sorry I couldn’t find a color for infinite)


Keeping secrets

12 10 2007

After reading various blog posts about people getting fired from their jobs because they have diabetes, I got to thinking about how I deal with telling people about my disease.

I’m an introvert in the first place, so I’m not likely to tell people much about myself anyway. As such, I don’t tell anyone that I have diabetes unless it comes up in conversation. Even if I am with coworkers for lunch or something, I simply test and bolus quietly under the table and no one’s the wiser. I had a baking class a few weeks ago that discussed different types of sugar (including Splenda, Equal, etc) and it just didn’t seem necessary to mention that I had diabetes. I mean, I said that I use Splenda a lot and that I like diet sodas, but I never felt the need to qualify that with “because I have diabetes.”

I think part of it is that I didn’t develop diabetes until I was 18. A lot of my character-building was established before I had diabetes, so now it’s like a little side note instead of the complete focus of my life.  In any case, it’s never been a problem, so I don’t feel I need to bring it up.  Diabetes does not affect my performance and I can do anything that normal people do.  So for now, it’s my little secret.

Alzheimer’s could be related to diabetes

2 10 2007

GiR pointed me to this article, which claims that Alzheimer’s could be another type of diabetes.  They are calling it “Type 3.”  From the article:

In the brain, insulin and insulin receptors are vital to learning and memory. When insulin binds to a receptor at a synapse, it turns on a mechanism necessary for nerve cells to survive and memories to form. That Alzheimer’s disease may in part be caused by insulin resistance in the brain has scientists asking how that process gets initiated.

Of course, they also mention (way at the bottom) that Alzheimer’s would be more related to Type 2 diabetes, rather than Type 1:

“With proper research and development the drug arsenal for type 2 diabetes, in which individuals become insulin resistant, may be translated to Alzheimer’s treatment,” said Klein. “I think such drugs could supercede currently available Alzheimer’s drugs.”

I love hearing about this research; it’s baby steps closer to figuring this stuff out.

Oh, I can dream…

12 04 2007

As you may or may not know, I am a Type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed in July of 2003, and I have everything fairly under control. I just read today about a possible stem-cell cure going on in Brazil. Obviously, it is way too soon to call it a cure, but it’s definitely something to look into. The procedure is currently pretty intense, involving a bit of chemo, and resulting in basically a wipe/reformat of the pancreas using the patient’s own stem cells. What I’d like to see is something more specific that will target just the affected cells in the pancreas. They already do islet cell transplants, so I don’t see why they can’t use the patient’s own stem cells to create “artificial” islet cells. Luckily for me, diabetes research is really hot right now, so I guess/hope that there will be a readily available cure in 20 years or so. Not really that far off, if you think about it.