6 things for 6 years

9 11 2010

Happy D-blog Day!

To celebrate the 6th annual d-blog day, here are 6 things I think people should know about diabetes.

  1. Yes I can eat that! With the advent of insulin pumps and CGMS, there is no real reason I can’t eat whatever I want.  Not to mention that sugar-free stuff just plan tastes nasty.  If I’m going to eat the carbs anyway, it might as well be something delicious.
  2. Taking insulin is not “bad”. I do not have it “really bad” because I have to take insulin. My body simply doesn’t make insulin anymore, so I need to replace it manually.
  3. I’ve got it, but sometimes I need help. Most of the time, I am super aware of all the intricacies of what’s going on in diabetes-land.  I know that my blood sugar is going up, but it’s okay because I just ate and I know I bolused accurately, etc.  Or that I may be dropping, but that’s good because I was high before.  However! Sometimes I am low and I don’t know why and I need someone to cut me some slack and get me some Starburst.
  4. My CGMS is amazing. This thing catches everything.  It tells me when I’m high; it tells me when I’m low; it tells me when I’m going up or down too fast; it will remind me later if things haven’t improved.  Because of this device, I have kept my A1c at 6.2% or lower (below 6.0% is NORMAL) for 2 years.
  5. Diabetes is expensive. 4 endo visits, regular doctor, OB/GYN, eye doctor, dentist.  6 test strips per day x 365 days = over 2000 strips per year.  New infusion site, pump cartridge, and tubing every 3 days.  A CGMS sensor is $135 before insurance, which is only supposed to last 7 days.  The pump itself is over $6000.  I just started with new insurance, and next year I will EASILY hit the out of pocket maximum of $2500.  Probably by May.
  6. The D-OC is awesome. George, Kerri, Scott, Bernard, LeeAnn, and Allison are all household names.  You are all my friends.  And not qualified with “diabetes online friends”.  Just “friends”.  ❤

Not fair

23 04 2008

I am getting soooo frustrated.  I’ve been exercising nearly every day for the last month and I have lost a grand total of…. 1-2 pounds.  I’ve seriously cut down my food intake.  I’ve cut down my insulin intake (both because of less food and better basals).  And what do I have to show for it?  Absolutely nothing.

GiR, on the other hand, eats whatever the heck he wants, barely exercises (well, he exercises with me, but I know it’s not as intense as he is used to) and he stays very trim.

I feel like it’s such a waste.  If I’m working my ass off and have nothing to show for it, then what’s the point?  It’s just not fair.

Bummed and hungry

5 02 2008

In my quest to do better, I’ve implemented a couple of the things I set out to do.

I did an overnight basal test and that looks accurate. I might want to do another one just to confirm.

I “pre-bolus” (bolus about 15 minutes or so before eating) for lunch during the week since I eat those at a very regular time. This has definitely lowered my lunch post-prandial, so I think I will keep it up.

Regarding weight loss (which seems to be all the rage in the Diabetes OC), that’s still slow going. I have actually lost 2 pounds, which surprised me, but that could just be water, happened to have food in my stomach, holding Lucy vs. having GiR hold her, etc. I don’t see 2 pounds as anything to write home about. I’ll be excited when all 10 pounds are gone.

I did cut out snacks from the vending machine and replaced them with pre-measured bags of cashews. However, I can only eat so many cashews. I am frakking sick of them.

I just CANNOT get my daily carb count to be any lower than 150. 150 is pushing it as it is. 18 for breakfast, around 50 for lunch, around 50 for dinner, then about 20 for various snacks (See above re: cashews). That’s 138 without even thinking.

Relatedly: I feel hungry all the time. Like right now. My stomach is growling so bad and I just want to distract with some Doritos. But that’s another 30g carb that’s not in my daily allowance. What do I do?

Also, GiR will not buy or prepare meat for dinner. The question is always “pasta, noodles, or rice”? I mean, the meals will have some meat and plenty of vegetables, but I’m talking about real meat. Like chicken, a slab of beef, fish fillets, ANYTHING. It’s pretty hard to stay under 150 g carbs when my meals mostly consist of pasta.

I have the sinking feeling that all these problems are related. It’s hard to stay feeling “full” when most of my food is straight carbs with little or no protein. It’s hard to stay under 150g carbs if most of the food is carby. It’s hard to eat non-carby food when that’s all there is.

To do: Talk to GiR about incorporating more meat and low-carb meals into the budget/lifestyle. Suck it up and buy/prepare said meals myself.

Carb game ANSWERS

29 11 2007

Well, I only got one reply, but I thought I’d post the carb game answers anyway, for everyone’s benefit.

Chicken – 0
Cheese stick – 1
Broccoli – 6
Milk – 11.4
Carrots – 12.3
Apple juice – 14
Premium vanilla ice cream – 16
Apple – 17.3
Fat-free no sugar added vanilla ice cream – 20
Dr. Pepper – 27
Big ‘n’ Tasty – 37
Barilla spaghetti – 38
Dreamfields spaghetti – 42
Medium fry – 46.9
Blueberry bagel – 69
Pop tarts – 74

There are a few things I’d like to point out.

  1. The Dr. Pepper amount was quoted for 1 cup.  That’s only 8 ounces.  A whole can (12 ounces) would be around 40 g carbs.  Just for a beverage. Yikes!
  2. The fat-free no sugar added ice cream has more carbs per serving than premium ice cream.  My thought?  Don’t bother; just get the real stuff.  Or, just get Low Carb Breyer’s.  It is the win.
  3. Dreamfields (which is supposedly lower impact carbs) has more total carbs than regular Barilla.  I have yet to figure out if the lower impact carbs are worth the price, so for now I say skip it.  Bernard says differently though.

Carb game

26 11 2007

When I was in college, one of the jobs I had was as a Peer Health Educator. So, when I found out I had diabetes, I decided to give a presentation about it. One of the games I had was this carb game. I made flash cards with pictures of the food on the front and a description and serving size on the back. They had to line up the food in order of least carbs to most carbs, then I pulled out an answer sheet to see how well they did. I thought it was a great way to show the different amounts of carbs in various foods. I still have the game tucked away somewhere, but I thought it would be fun to do an online version. =)

Below are a various foods, listed with the serving amount I used for the calculation. First person to post the correct order from lowest to highest amount of carbs gets a virtual completely carb-free cookie! lol I will create a new post with the answers (along with the actual carb count) once someone wins. Good luck! (Note: all numbers are verified via CalorieKing, but no cheating, people =P)

apple apple, 1 cup chopped

Langer apple juice Langer 100% apple juice, 1 cup

Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper, 1 cup

milk 2% milk, 1 cup

string cheese string cheese (mozzarella and cheddar swirl), 1 stick

Barilla spaghetti Barilla spaghetti, 2 oz dry

Dreamfields spaghetti Dreamfields spaghetti, 2 oz dry

Blue Bunny premium vanilla Blue Bunny premium vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup

Blue Bunny fat free no sugar added vanilla ice cream Blue Bunny fat free no sugar added vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup

poptarts frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts, 2 pastries

Panera blueberry bagel Panera blueberry bagel, 1 bagel

broccoli broccoli, 1 cup chopped

carrots carrots, 1 cup chopped

Big n Tasty McDonald’s Big n Tasty (with mayo, no cheese), 1 sandwich

McDonald’s medium fry McDonald’s fries, medium

chicken breast chicken breast (meat only, roasted), 1 cup

Thanksgiving 2007

22 11 2007

I give thanks for…

  • my parents, for always being there to help and support me
  • GiR, my husband, for being the light of my life and my knight in shining armor
  • Lucy, who keeps me alive
  • my friends, who bring laughter and joy to my life
  • good food. Yum. =)
  • life. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

It’s easier that way

18 11 2007

1 blueberry waffle: 16 grams
butter: 0 grams
1 tablespoon sugar-free syrup: about 4 grams, effectively

Being able to have the exact same meal every morning, resulting in fantastic blood sugar after breakfast: priceless