Wavesense vs. Freestyle data

14 05 2008

I’ve been using the Keynote for about a week now, so today I sorted through all the data and made a few graphs and analyses. (Let me know if you cannot view the link)

meter comparison spreadsheet

Here are some of the observations I saw from the data:

  1. The overall average is nearly identical. The Freestyle (for the first few days of the spreadsheet, I was using the Flash, then I switched over to the Lite. I don’t think it made much of a difference) had an average of 124.9, while the Keynote had an average of 125. UPDATE: I removed a couple lines where I only had a number for one of the meters (but not both). This resulted in a Freestyle average of 124.5 and a Keynote average of 123.5.  Still not a huge difference, but in this case, the Keynote gives a LOWER average.
  2. The Keynote has a lower standard deviation. Freestyle’s standard deviation was 57.4, while the Keynote has only 50.5. This is very important. Lower standard deviation means fewer/less extreme values. This is what they mean by the “plus or minus 20%” or whatever. A lower standard deviation means it can be “plus or minus” by a lower amount. This indicates increased accuracy, which is what Agamatrix claims in the first place. As a result of my update in #1, the Freestyle std dev is now 57.7 and the Keynote is 49.6
  3. Related to #2, the Keynote produced a higher average when blood sugar was 100 or below; and a lower average when blood sugar was above 100. Again, this indicates a lower standard deviation and fewer extreme values.
  4. The biggest difference in standard deviation was when blood sugar was above 100. I feel that this is very important, because that means high numbers are more accurate. As such, there is lower risk of over treating a high and thereby ending up low.

If anyone wants to offer any more observations they find in the data, feel free to leave a comment below. Try to keep the comments about the differences in Freestyle vs. Wavesense and not about my numbers/care/treatment/etc.


That’s odd…

13 05 2008

I received the summer issue of Diabetic Living in the mail yesterday and was thumbing through it before dinner. I came across this advertisement and something doesn’t feel right…

(click to enlarge)

What you see on the left is a Liberty Medical branded “free meter”. What you see on the right is my new Agamatrix Wavesense Keynote meter. See any similarities? Yeah, I do too.

It’s probable that the internal workings and software are different, but it seems like too much of a coincidence that they just “happen” to use the same external hardware.

Am I the only one who is confused and concerned?

UPDATE: Thanks to the Dorkabetic who pointed me towards this page explaining the different brand names. I am less confused now.

Thank you, Abbott

27 11 2007

My meter‘s been acting a little funny lately. For over a week, it will occasionally not recognize that there’s blood on the strip. It’ll suck the blood up just fine, but nothing will happen. I’d have to throw the strip out and use a new one. Or two. Then yesterday I got a bunch of Err1 codes and an Err3 tossed in for fun. Getting sick of wasting test strips, I called Abbott up to see if they could help out.

After only a couple computer prompts, I spoke to a real live person who spoke English. His name was Arthur. He listened very patiently to my problems and asked me a few questions. We ran through a few different scenarios to rule out other possibilities (yes, it happens with multiple tubes of strips; yes, the code is correct; yes, I apply the blood correctly, etc) and finally deduced that it was most likely the meter. He said they would ship a new one out to me and it would get here in about 3 days. Talk about awesome!

I really do love it when companies get it right. Abbott seems to really care about its customers and they make sure that their meters are doing their job. Thanks, Abbott!