Carb game ANSWERS

29 11 2007

Well, I only got one reply, but I thought I’d post the carb game answers anyway, for everyone’s benefit.

Chicken – 0
Cheese stick – 1
Broccoli – 6
Milk – 11.4
Carrots – 12.3
Apple juice – 14
Premium vanilla ice cream – 16
Apple – 17.3
Fat-free no sugar added vanilla ice cream – 20
Dr. Pepper – 27
Big ‘n’ Tasty – 37
Barilla spaghetti – 38
Dreamfields spaghetti – 42
Medium fry – 46.9
Blueberry bagel – 69
Pop tarts – 74

There are a few things I’d like to point out.

  1. The Dr. Pepper amount was quoted for 1 cup.  That’s only 8 ounces.  A whole can (12 ounces) would be around 40 g carbs.  Just for a beverage. Yikes!
  2. The fat-free no sugar added ice cream has more carbs per serving than premium ice cream.  My thought?  Don’t bother; just get the real stuff.  Or, just get Low Carb Breyer’s.  It is the win.
  3. Dreamfields (which is supposedly lower impact carbs) has more total carbs than regular Barilla.  I have yet to figure out if the lower impact carbs are worth the price, so for now I say skip it.  Bernard says differently though.