6 things for 6 years

9 11 2010

Happy D-blog Day!

To celebrate the 6th annual d-blog day, here are 6 things I think people should know about diabetes.

  1. Yes I can eat that! With the advent of insulin pumps and CGMS, there is no real reason I can’t eat whatever I want.  Not to mention that sugar-free stuff just plan tastes nasty.  If I’m going to eat the carbs anyway, it might as well be something delicious.
  2. Taking insulin is not “bad”. I do not have it “really bad” because I have to take insulin. My body simply doesn’t make insulin anymore, so I need to replace it manually.
  3. I’ve got it, but sometimes I need help. Most of the time, I am super aware of all the intricacies of what’s going on in diabetes-land.  I know that my blood sugar is going up, but it’s okay because I just ate and I know I bolused accurately, etc.  Or that I may be dropping, but that’s good because I was high before.  However! Sometimes I am low and I don’t know why and I need someone to cut me some slack and get me some Starburst.
  4. My CGMS is amazing. This thing catches everything.  It tells me when I’m high; it tells me when I’m low; it tells me when I’m going up or down too fast; it will remind me later if things haven’t improved.  Because of this device, I have kept my A1c at 6.2% or lower (below 6.0% is NORMAL) for 2 years.
  5. Diabetes is expensive. 4 endo visits, regular doctor, OB/GYN, eye doctor, dentist.  6 test strips per day x 365 days = over 2000 strips per year.  New infusion site, pump cartridge, and tubing every 3 days.  A CGMS sensor is $135 before insurance, which is only supposed to last 7 days.  The pump itself is over $6000.  I just started with new insurance, and next year I will EASILY hit the out of pocket maximum of $2500.  Probably by May.
  6. The D-OC is awesome. George, Kerri, Scott, Bernard, LeeAnn, and Allison are all household names.  You are all my friends.  And not qualified with “diabetes online friends”.  Just “friends”.  ❤

Oh, insurance… What are you doing?

10 11 2009

I got a letter yesterday from my health insurance stating that they are no longer covering my Dexcom sensors, starting from August. I was confused because they’ve covered them in the past. Based on the code they listed, I assumed I had hit my DME cap for the year (this was my first full year on the sensors) and would need to appeal.

However, after spending 1 hour talking to 5 reps, I found out that the health insurance has randomly decided they are “disposable” since I throw them out after 7 days and they don’t cover “disposables”.  I imagine that “disposables” is intended to cover things like alcohol wipes and cotton balls, which they should rightly not cover.  However, 7 days is hardly “disposable”.

Edgepark (the company that provides the sensors) is already working it and their argument is that they’re not considered “disposable” since they are used in conjunction with a Durable Medical Equipment (the receiver).

I won’t know anything for at least 5 business days, but it is good to know that Edgepark is trying to regain my coverage.  I really cannot afford to either a) pay full price for the sensors or b) limit my use of them to every other week or similar.  I just hope this gets straightened out.

SQUEE! My Dexcom is on the way!

23 05 2008

I got the final confirmation today that my insurance is going to cover 90% of my Dexcom and supplies.  They are shipping today and I will get it on Wednesday.  I am hoping to having my training Thursday morning, so I will have little delay.  This is going to kick so much ass!  =D

Even more waiting

16 05 2008

Well, I have good news and bad news. Even though I previously said that my Dexcom should be here by now, my rep called and said that they’re doing things a little differently. The in-network company they’re working with does pre-authorizations, which means it’ll be run through the insurance first to see if I have coverage. That way, I know ahead of time how much I will have to pay.

Bad news: This means they haven’t shipped anything yet, so I might not get my Dexcom before my scheduled appointment next Friday. I absolutely HATE having to reschedule things. I’m sure my Team Lead at work just loooves me changing my vacation around…

Good news: If my insurance company decides to cover it (which my rep said seems very likely), they will cover 90%. 90%!!! OMG, this could be so awesome. That thought alone almost makes it worth waiting. Almost.

Waiting game

14 05 2008

I had an endo-follow-up appointment yesterday with the Nurse Practitioner yesterday, and it was rather anti-climactic. The NP didn’t really offer any suggestions for some of the dinner number troubles I’ve been having, and I don’t think she did a very good job of “following up” on the stuff that got talked about at my endo appt. It seemed like such a waste for me to take a 1/2 day off work and drive all the way up to the Diabetes Center, to talk about…. nothing really.

HOWEVER, I did get a date set up for my Dexcom training. It won’t be until next Friday (the 23rd), which seems like soooo far away. According to my Dexcom rep, I should be getting my kit either today or tomorrow, so I’ll have a week of tortuous waiting. I am halfway tempted to try it out ahead of time, but I don’t really feel like messing up a $60 sensor.

There is (potential) good news about insurance coverage though. Dexcom says that they have an in-network supplier for the sensors, so they’re going to try to get it covered. If they do, the sensors will end up being fairly reasonably priced, which will be totally sweet.


6 05 2008

I just got off the phone with my local Dexcom rep and I ordered my first CGMS!  He says he will contact my endo to get the letter of medical necessity thing (which hopefully will go okay), then my initial kit will be on its way.  I’m also hoping that I will get decent reimbursement from the insurance, if for nothing else other than the sensors.  The initial kit prices isn’t too bad; it’s the sensors that are killer.  I’ve heard good things about my insurance, so there is hope.

I am soooo excited.  This is just another step in the process of turning me into a cyborg.  It is awesome.

CGMS questions

17 04 2008

I talked to my husband last night and he seems okay with the idea of pursuing a CGMS.  I just don’t know where to start.

For those who have gotten insurance coverage, what does that mean exactly?  Do they cover 20% of the costs?  50%  90%  What?  Does the part that goes through the insurance go towards the deductible?  Even if they decide not to pay for it, is it possible to have it still go towards the deductible?  Example:  at one point in my diabetes life, I found that I could buy biohazard containers through the insurance.  They didn’t actual pay for any of it, but it went towards paying off the deductible.  I hope that made sense.

My endo recommended either Dexcom or Abbott’s Navigator.  I looked at the Navigator, but man, the transmitter is HUGE.  No thanks.  Also, does the Dexcom allow manual blood sugar entry yet?  My endo said yes, but I couldn’t verify that on their website.

I’m pretty sure I will have a hard time convincing my insurance to pay for it.  I have some hypoglycemia, but no unawareness and no need for hospital visits.  I am looking to get pregnant, but not for another couple years.  Any other ideas for reasons?

Oh man, this is a scary new place.  But, I want CGMS so bad…