Another trick up my sleeve

7 10 2009

I’ve been using the super correct method to get my blood sugars down.  I have updated my technique to make it work a little better.

1.  I did end up doing the super part as “fill cannula”, which does annoy me that it doesn’t get tracked anywhere.  However, I imagine newer pumps will have this feature built in.

2.  I do the fill cannula in 2 steps, per Bernard, so that the last number listed is the correct “fill cannula” amount.  This prevents any weird things happening when I change my infusion site.

However, the newest trick added to the arsenal is using a temp rate to combat a low without having to eat Starburst.  =D

This mostly works because I have a Dexcom and can see these things coming.  If I am just above target, but going down too fast or have too much IOB, I will set a 10-15% temp rate for half an hour.  This small drop in insulin is enough to get me to my target and stay there, instead of dropping below and having to eat something to bring it up.

Just one more thing to add to my arsenal.  Take that, diabetes!


I just knew it

13 02 2008

Although I am currently working, I came upon an opportunity to apply for a job at a different company. I had my interview yesterday and, of course, diabetes was there too.

I resigned myself to wearing Lucy on my pants as normal because there would be no other good place to hide her (damn womens clothes for lacking pockets!). My suit jacket was long enough and just big enough to hide Lucy without being obvious at all. Small victory. =)

I had eaten around 12pm and the interview was at 2. I figured I’d test right around 1:50 before actually talking to people so I could treat a high or low as the case may be. Additionally, that would turn off my 2-hour-after alarm so I wouldn’t be beeping in the middle of the interview.

Well, my frantic test yielded a 55. WTF?!?! I knew I should have done an extended bolus for the Chinese food at lunch. Damn it! I scarfed down 4 Starburst, set a 85% temp rate for the duration of the interview, turned off my low reminder alert so I wouldn’t beep again 20 minutes later, and switched the beep to vibrate.

All this, so I wouldn’t look like a retard during the interview. Of course, I’m pretty sure I still managed to do that anyway. Read the rest of my non-D-related interview story on my regular blog.

What to do…

10 05 2007

What to do… Pity the ladies in waiting…

So, I normally use Starbust as my emergency sugar should I run into a low. At 5g carbs each, they’re both modular and tasty. However, I also have a tendency to eat my entire stash in my purse(about 5 or 6) in one sitting if I’m bored, especially at work. I already keep peanuts or cashews at my desk as a healthy alternative. The question is: How do I pick something that I would be willing to eat in an emergency but not willing to eat the rest of the time? Clearly, the Starburst (and this has also occurred with Skittles and LifeSavers) are too tempting for me to eat. Are the glucose tabs undesirable as a snack? I may try that out. Any other suggestions?